Monday, April 29, 2024

{Bubba is TWENTY!}

Nothing says let's celebrate with a bunch of boys like bacon wrapped filet mignon!

Bubba requested that we have a steak dinner at home with some of his friends for his birthday.  Brownies for dessert and time just being together.  It really was perfect. 

The girls enjoyed getting everything set up for the party.  They are the best helpers. 

I cannot even believe that my first baby is 20! 

He has some of the best friends and they were all able to come over from college for the afternoon/evening.  They played a little game of wiffle ball in the yard and Bear had so much fun with them, too.  

It was pretty warm so AJ had a fan nearby.  Of course! 

Bubba was determined to make the catch...even if that meant that he had to do so in the pool! 
We didn't get a family photo because we were all so busy being together making memories and putting our phones away.  What a tremendous blessing to have the gift of being we inch further and further into the adult kid stage, we are learning more and more how truly special moments like these are.  We love you, Bub and we are expectant for all God will do in and through your life.  Thank you for making me a mama twenty years ago- through it all, I am forever thankful He gave me you! 

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