Tuesday, April 30, 2024

{Closing Out the Baseball Season}

On our way to cheer for Bear's & Dad's last baseball game of the season!

Some sweet friends from church came to watch, too.  

The Panthers won another one!  My man works relentlessly long days and carved out time to make this happen because he loves so much and wanted to have this time with Bear.  I know it took so much out of him but those boys are truly blessed that he spent the season teaching them the game and even more about growing into Godly young men. 

Running the flag in for the last time of 2024. 

Pappy made it to the game, too.  Grandaddy and Mimi did as well but they had already loaded up to leave before I was able to get a photo. 

Bear with the Norman's...Karrie and Matt were his Sunday School teachers last year and are just incredible supporters of the kids they pour into.  Their precious girls came too! 

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