Friday, June 18, 2021

{Throwing Ks}





Another start on the mound for American Legion Chapin-Newberry Post and another win! 

12-1 over Camden.  Hanging on to a winning season and having fun doing it!  

Monday, June 14, 2021

{Just Keep Swimming}

More of the same around's pool days and baseball nights!  And, every now and again, I get a photo! Grabbed the girls before they cannonballed into the deep end today...they sure make taking pictures fun! 

Friday, June 4, 2021

{Legion Ball}

SO happy for our big boy who, not only made the Legion Ball team but, is also their first game series starting pitcher!  He gets the first game of each series each week and has such a tremendous opportunity to improve against some impressive ball players from around the area.  Not to mention that he's the youngest kid on the barely turning 17 when most are graduating from high school or are already playing ball in college.  

Their home games are held at Scott's alma mater, Newberry College.  So, it's super special to see Bub donning his Daddy's number on the mound that Scott once pitched on {well, not technically the same mound as the stadium has been rebuilt but still!}. 

We hadn't been to a Legion game before but Wyatt makes the third generation to play legion ball...beginning with my Daddy playing in Spartanburg and Scott playing as well.  The environment of the Legion games is exactly what I love about baseball...the boys take a pledge, there is a prayer given, National Anthem and so much more.  There is a community feel to the entire thing...everyone rooting for each other's kids and really getting together for the love of the game.  Getting to meet kids and parents from other schools is so fun, too! Typically we are all on opposite sides of the stands but this environment brings everyone together.  The girls just love it, too.  It's such a fun experience and we are grateful to be a part of it! 

So here's to a fun, growing season of American Legion baseball & more of my #23 on the mound! 

Monday, May 24, 2021

{Sisters in Summertime}

 These girls are in their element!  Sunglasses and suntans and swimming pools! They wake up ready to hop in the pool & are quite the little swimmers this year.  Both have surprised us with how quickly their swim skills came right back to them after getting so close to being independent in the pool last year.  Can't say mama isn't loving this season, too!  I am a June baby after all! 

Friday, May 14, 2021

{Wishes in Bloom}

Panda girl with her beautiful artwork for the Wishes in Bloom silent auction!  

Several Make-a-Wish kids were asked to come up with their own original artwork to be placed in the auction that benefits other granting wishes for other amazing kids in SC.  AG knew exactly what she wanted to paint!  Heart and rainbows and flowers and sunshine, of course!  


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

{Bubba Putting the "L" in Lexington}

So I stole my son's instagram post title.  But it was so fitting that I thought he wouldn't mind if I keep it forever on our little blog!  

Last night was Bub's last regular season game for Chapin and he started on the mound again at Lexington {who has definitely been our strongest competition this season}.  

He pitched 4 innings and held the Wildcats to only 1 unearned run.  Chapin took the win again.  

Couldn't be more proud of how hard he's worked this season to prove himself on and off the mound.  Now, he'll be trying out for our area's American Legion team that won Nationals a few years ago.  It's a strong program but we are hopeful that he can make it and enjoy some fun this summer on the ball field, too!  

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

{Bear's Last"Regular Season" Ball Game}

Bear wrapped up his season with the Twins & was chosen to play on the All-Star team this summer, too.  He had a great season to learn more about the game and play some positions he's always been curious about.  He found out that he loves catching and isn't too shabby at 3rd either.  He can pitch when he wants to but isn't a fan of all the attention.  I can totally appreciate that since it's their mama that is truly the nervous one when all the game hangs on my boys throwing strikes.  

Bear begins practicing for All-stars right away and will play a state tournament in June.  He's excited for more time to practice and play the game he loves! 

Started his last regular season game at catcher...which is probably his favorite position right now.

Best Coach Dad in the world!  Every season he coaches, I always have so many parents come up to me and mention how much their kid loves playing for Coach Scott.  AND the parents love that he is firm with them yet makes it fun! 

Wrapping up the season on 1st base