Sunday, November 26, 2023


 Nothing like some Chic-Fil-A with Grandaddy to kick off some serious grocery shopping for Thanksgiving!  

We hosted this year and, although it was a ton of work, it was so fun. 

Scott smoked two turkeys on the 14 pounds and one nearly 20 pounds.  Wow! 

Bubba came home from college on Wednesday afternoon and spent some time in the music room playing guitar.  I loved watching Bo sit outside the door like he used to. 

We had a full day and topped it off with creme brûlée {complete with torched sugar on top} and Bubba teaching us how to play poker.  I found a set at a mom's swap shop for free and grabbed it after he mentioned that they play for change on campus.  Scott knew how to play but the rest of us had no clue.  It was so much fun! 

Our missions pastor's wife made these darling little peanut butter balls that look like pumpkins.  AG organized them on Grandma Lottie's turkey platter.  

She loved having a seat at the poker table! 

When I look up and see that door closed, it means that Bubba is home and my mama heart is full! 

I guess after cooking for three days I just got in the habit and kept going...homemade gluten free sourdough cinnamon rolls for Sunday morning were delicious. 

Always so much to be thank-FULL for! 

Sunday, November 19, 2023

{Military Field Trip & a Magazine Launch}

 So much going on as we march into the holidays...gearing up for Thanksgiving and already juggling the calendar to find some margin to really be able to soak in the sweetest season.  

We had co-op, Bear had an incredible field trip with Grandaddy to an Air Force Base and Criminal Justice Academy, Scott got hit by someone making an illegal U-turn while I was trying to get out the door for a work event and then we had all the heads turning in Costco when we picked up 45 pies to take to the magazine launch party!  

This is the sweetest little class!  The girls are having the best time. 

Donations still are coming in for the 15th annual Annabelle Basket Christmas delivery.  Kathy and Craig Hall blessed so many with the most beautiful embroidered heart burp cloths...15 boys and 15 girls.  What a treasure! They made these for the baskets many years ago and it's such a blessing to have them again. 

What a day! Bear and Grandaddy had the best day!  Bear has a lot to think through regarding his future plans now that he has seen both sides of areas that really interest him.  

While I was at a work event, Scott took the kids hunting.  

This kid asks to cuddle every single evening and it's my favorite.  I know from experience that these days won't last forever so I am here for it! 

We've got our own target range in the backyard now.  Naturally. 

Good grief. This is never fun but we are so thankful everyone was okay. 

The comments from others were hysterical.  Bear got a tad embarrassed and literally walked around way to the front of the store to check out.  He said he needs therapy now, too.  Memories made! 

Forever the best...What a treasure to be able to teach at home. 

The girls and I went shopping for their Operation Christmas Child shoebox while Bear was on his field trip day away.  Then, we took them to church the next day to get shipped off. 

Not every day you get to hold an M4. 

Our Panda girl is getting so tall! 

Once again the photos are all out of order...but one highlight for sure was going to the craft show to see Grandaddy and Mimi {and do a little shopping} and finding gluten free cupcakes! 

Have you ever seen a cuter hunter in your entire life???  AJ was really excited to go with Daddy and she was quiet too! That is a miracle because this girl never stops talking! 

New cow season again, too! 

The magazine launch party was incredible!  It was so special to be surrounded by family that support this new season in my life.  

Made it to the Christmas party event after all!  

Miss Priss was given the cutest old dance costumes by Nana and she has had the best time dressing up in them. 

I don't think I've been so nervous driving a vehicle since we came home from the hospital with a newborn.  45 pies will do that to ya!  I was so glad to get there with no issues. 

Such a fun and eventful week!