Wednesday, July 7, 2021

{Girls Only Zoo Trip}

The boys were busy {wrestling camp for Bear and workouts for Bub} so the girls and I snuck out for a quick trip to the zoo to do a few of our favorite things! 

We rarely visit during the summer months as it's typically too busy.  But, we got there right when it opened and were out the door in about an hour.  Lots of fun crammed in before the heat started rising and the crowds began to grow larger by the minute.  Another reason why we homeschool & visit as much as we want while everyone else is at school.  ha!  This mama is just not a big crowd gal! 

The girls and the giraffes...

Clearly, they loved it! 

We hopped on the train for a ride since it was actually open!  

And they made me dizzy by 10am by, of course, requesting the carousel! 

I just love this.  Watching our children enjoy God's creation {even the funny looking giraffe} so purely just makes me smile...and I know it does the One Who created them, too! 

Monday, July 5, 2021

{A Family Fourth Weekend}

Life is busy enough so we took it nice & slow for our 4th of July weekend! 

Bubba had an away game downtown so Scott took Luke and they picked up Grandaddy to join them.  The girls and I stayed home and swam! 

With my little shadow! 

Swimming more...

and more...

and more...and discovering that our littlest has a natural cheer gene in her!  She loved this!

Sweet Bo just watches us the entire time.  

These two! 

The boys got some Spikeball in, too! 

So grateful for this space.

Scott put his new Father's Day gift to good use and tried his hand for the first time smoking a couple Boston Butts.  They were divine!!!

A very happy cook!

And a very patient puppy!

Yes, he got a bite! :)

We also finally built ourselves a little garden.  Scott assembled it with some scrap wood we had sitting around and then we took the little 3 to the store to get the seeds and soil.  So far, they are doing an excellent job watering it and we are waiting to see what grows.

This was from earlier in the day when he put those big pigs on the smoker!

Bear also made a tire swing and this little sunshine was anxious to try it out!  

Friday, June 25, 2021

{Seabrook 2021: Friday}

We truly could not have asked for a more beautiful last day at Seabrook!  To make the most of it, we loaded up and spent almost all day at North Beach...the north side of the island closest to Kiawah {although I believe the island is only 3 miles long so not terribly far away}.  The waves are typically better, the beach itself it much larger and it just lends itself to a perfect day at the beach.  

We went one two long walks all the way to Captain Sams Creek {which divides Seabrook from Kiawah} and back.  Once we collected shells and the second time we were on the hunt for hermit crabs but ended up watching the dolphins strand feed.  I even managed a short nap which is now, by far, my favorite spot to have a rest. 

We decided to load up and head on back after sunset to avoid the Saturday interstate traffic and not be driving in rain as the next morning was forecasted.  Bubba drove me and the girls and Scott and Bear led the way in his truck.  We made it home just before midnight and had everyone tucked in bed and tuckered out until nearly midday the next.  What a treasure it is to spend a week at Seabrook each year.  One thing Scott and I promised each other many years ago is to give our children true beach memories- a place they look back on one day and remember with fondness and joy...a place where they grew up through the years and, hopefully, can bring their families in the future.   Seabrook offers us rest in the wind and welcomes us back in the waves...forever our favorite place to be.  

My {& Beth's} iPhone photos...

These two...I told Beth I just hold my breath each year when they are back together to see if they still play like they were little ones...and each year, they do.  They may only see each other once a year but they have the sweetest bond.  Only a few weeks apart in age, they have always made the best of friends. 

The big kids {missing one this year as Colin had to work}...they fished, rode bikes, threw football, played cards, you name it.  So grateful for this crew! 

I took the boys for coffee & tea into Freshfields early Friday morning for just us to have a little time together.  Then, we stopped by Bohicket Marina for a souvenir for them...the view was just gorgeous!  Last year we kayaked in this waterway and saw it from the water.  Not sure which perspective I prefer as both are just glorious! 

And the fancy cam...

This bird hung out in the live oak outside our window.  I had to take it's photo.

To remember our favorite unit yet! We'll be renting this one again! 

Playing Mother May I.  SO cute! 

The big kids! 

Gotta take the photo each year of Bear and Maddox.  They truly are the sweetest buddies.  I love that Maddox keeps him in line and although they aren't 5 years old anymore building sand castles, they still play like they are! 

Until next time, Seabrook! 

Thursday, June 24, 2021

{Seabrook 2021: Thursday}

More fishing today except this time the boys got a special trip out with Dad to do some inshore fishing near Kiawah. Bear caught a toad fish and an impressive Red Fish that was too big to even keep.  They had a fun, long morning on the water while the girls & I held down the fort at the condo.  I let the girls have a lazy morning of watching a movie while I put myself in "Mommy's Timeout" and enjoyed my hot tea on the porch overlooking the 18th green while reading my favorite coffee table magazine Eden & Vine.  It was lovely!  

Eventually, I took the girls to the pool {something we don't often do since we have one in our backyard and really try to enjoy the beaches most of our trip}.  It wasn't too crowded but the water was really chilly which means that one of my daughters {mhmm, Panda} refused to get in.  So, that was fairly short-lived and then we went back to the condo for lunch.  Our friends were at the other pool near the horse farm of the island so we tried that one out after lunch and the girls did more swimming there...having buddies to swim with apparently made the water temperature more tolerable.  ;) 

We spent the evening back at the beach...went for a walk with just Mom and Bub...and then fished and played in the surf until the sunset. 

Exactly what vacation should be! 

First a few iPhone photos of the day...

I also got to enjoy my afternoon iced matcha on the porch too!  This time, I had a little visitor while watching the alligator and flying fish.  

Luke's catch!  We were hoping to get to keep it to eat but it was too big!  

And a few with the fancy camera...

These two joined me on the porch in the afternoon so I had to sneak in a few photos of just them.  The original baby and the surprise baby.  God truly does write the best stories!