Saturday, May 1, 2021

{The Closer}

 Bubba has gotten a few starts on the mound but seems to be the one that they turn to to shut it down more and more.  Since we are in the last few games of the season, with only one game a week, he has plenty of arm rest time between games to keep getting chances to show what he can do.  We have lots of decisions to make for next year and are trusting God's guidance.  While so grateful for the opportunity to play public school sports as a homeschooler, there have been times that we still feel very much on the outside and the mountains he's had to climb over other players has been unfair.  We know these moments are building character and endurance in him and teaching him lessons to last a lifetime...and he knows that every moment he's given to play, he has to work hard and reassure his team and coaches that he has earned his position.  

Last night, he came in to close with us tied against what could very well be our strongest opponent.  He had 1 1/3 innings left...but ended up pitching an extra inning to complete the game.  We won 4-3.  He had 4 strikeouts and pitched very well.  As a mom, it was a joy to watch him play the game he loves.  And...  As much as we are proud of him for that, we are even prouder that his identity isn't found in anything he does or will ever do on a baseball field, but in the fact that He is made in the image of God and His identity is found in Christ alone.  Our prayer is that he uses this gift to influence others to be set apart and trust Jesus with their lives, too.  That's how the real game is won! 


 How is even possible that my firstborn is only a year from being considered a legal adult???  I cannot even wrap my mind around how quickly time has flown! 

Typically, we take school off for birthdays but since he's only taking two courses outside of the home and his Anatomy & Physiology lab happened to be on his birthday this year, he still had school.  Boo!  He also spends his Wednesdays at our church for his internship and then baseball as usual every afternoon.  We still managed a fun birthday blueberry muffin breakfast together and then celebrated again at dinner.  Our hope is to have some friends over in a couple of weeks when it's a little bit warmer and the pool not so chilly for a pool & pizza party.  But, we definitely still had to get some celebrating in! 

Sweaty kids that have been playing outside all afternoon & one just in the door from ball practice makes for a fun photo we will always know was real life! Bubba told me weeks ago that he wanted an Oreo cake that I made years ago for one of Bear's birthdays.  It's a double chocolate bundt cake with buttercream icing & crumbled Oreos on top!  All gluten free, of course! The sugar content however...

This was the moment he realized that I bought sparkler candles!  Someone was not amused! ha! 

And this is the face that a 17 year old big brother makes to his little brother when little brother is taking random pictures.  Oh goodness! 

Grateful God gave us this one and expectant as to what He is going to do in his life.

Happy Birthday, Bubba!  We sure do adore you!  

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

{Loose Tooth}

 AJ has been telling us for about a week that she has a loose tooth!  Her first and she is sooooo happy!  Scott's the tooth puller around here so he's wiggled it a little and then reported back to me that it wasn't ready yet.  Well, apparently our little Dubble Bubble wasn't having that and spent the majority of last night working and wiggling that sucker as best she could.  She awoke me bright and early this morning telling me that it was coming out!  

I discovered, however, that it was indeed much looser than I thought but that it still had some time.  Basically, I just didn't want to have to be the one pulling a tooth or dealing with it.  Mama don't do teeth except to brush and floss! 

By mid-morning, she'd worked on it some more and that thing was barely hanging on!  I went to wiggle it a little and lo and behold the thing came out!  Only took me 17 years of this parenting gig to finally pull out my first tooth (including all the ones in my own head as a kid).  She was so brave and a little traumatized but super excited to get it out and declare to everyone that she could finally hold her "loose tooth"...which, I have explained numerous time today, is no longer loose.

It's a big night around here...getting everything ready for the Tooth Fairy AND a big birthday to celebrate tomorrow!!!  

And...of course I had to take some photos of my darling Dub and her new toothless grin!  Wearing my cardigan- as she still reminds me over and over how much she wants to be just like Mama...and my heart is melted!!!  Home forever 3 years ago yesterday and losing her first tooth today!  What a gift she is! 

Monday, April 26, 2021

{More Ball...}

 Because I have a lot of these and these sweet squares get printed each year into what are surely our favorite books in the house!  It's been a season of change and learning character lessons and he has thrived. Grateful to have these moments...

Another Friday night start...this time at River Bluff...which is strong competition for sure!  We ended up losing 1-0...but it's pretty hard to win a game when your team doesn't get a single hit.  He kept his head up and battled hard.  Truly a great game with great pitching on both sides! 

From last week's game against Lexington at home...Bubba started and got taken out in the 4th when he had his team up 9-0.  Thankfully, Chapin held onto the win after he came out and the final score was 10-4. 

Friday, April 23, 2021

{Scenes from the Week}

Popsicles and pajama kinda morning! 

Bear playing catcher! 

Creative sticker sunglasses! 

Cuddling my girls in the outfield!

Mandarin lips for the Panda! 

My new Adirondack chair courtesy of Bear and his Daddy! 

Bo and Bear enjoying the beautiful day! 

Panda flying her kite! 

Dub getting her toes wet and ready for swimming season! 

Thursday, April 22, 2021

{Berry Picking}

One of our favorite things to do each year is go to Lever Farms and pick strawberries!  We've gone in years past as a homeschool group and with family...but this year we just called an audible and turned our school day into a field trip as soon as we finished breakfast and saw how gorgeous it was outside.  There was literally no one else there other than those working and it was fantastic! The berries were big and plentiful and we picked 3 buckets in less than 10 minutes.  I think we are going to have to go again soon! 

Thursday, April 15, 2021

{Coach's Kid}

 Bear is thrilled to have his daddy coaching his team this season!  We always joke about the "coach's kid" and here we are again!  Scott coached lots with Wyatt when he was younger as life was much simpler with only two kiddos...and them being 5 1/2 years apart in age.  As things have changed, it's meant more divide and conquer and Bear has been so patient in waiting for life to get a little simpler for dad to take over again.  His time has come and he couldn't love it more!  Quality time is his love language so this is filling his cup! 

 Being silly & sticking out their tummies! 

And they are off!