Saturday, October 28, 2023

{Panda's ELEVEN}

 We enjoyed The Great Wolf Lodge instead of a big party but our precious AG still had to have something for her Bubba to be there.  So we invited grandparents and had cupcakes/ice cream on Saturday afternoon.  Always the sweetest time together when family is there!

Some people are burned by the fire and some are made by it...this girl is most definitely the latter.  Layer upon layer of trauma, medical differences, special needs and so much more are her Refiner's Fire.  She only gets stronger in spirit, purer in heart and closer to the One who made her fearfully and wonderfully as she navigates it all with the sweetest grace.

She is our Eden before The Fall...always seeing things precisely as they are...and the most darling one who will so gently yet boldly declare Truth without wavering.  What the world may see as a disability gives her the strength the world could never understand.  And what some may look upon as different makes her stand out and stand up for what is always right and just and kind.

Celebrating our Panda girl is always the most fun...and we surely are the luckiest lucky ones to call her ours both now and forever.  

11 years old, precious girl!  Getting a front row seat at the miracle you are every day is only the gift of a good, good God. 

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