Sunday, October 29, 2023

{Wrapping Up October: So much to celebrate}

Our sweetest AG had her 11th birthday this week and she didn't care for a party but asked to go to The Great Wolf Lodge!  So that's exactly what we did! 

Dad scored lots of free dunking donuts but with our allergies only a couple were able to enjoy them!  This gal is 7 and had never had one.  She really liked it, too! 

We visited the Billy Graham Library on the way home the next day and it was absolutely incredible.

I'll share more in a separate post from my big camera but these are all iPhone photos on this post.    

Saturday evening we had a house warming party for Crazy Uncle Mike and Daphne.  We are go thankful they are back in their new home after the house fire destroyed their previous one a couple years ago.  

Boss loves to go check out the chickens...and this one pecked him on his nose for sticking his nosey head in too closely while she was trying to lay an egg! 

The weather this week was lovely!  Most every day was in the 80s so we had lots of outdoor fun and afternoon walks. 

Bear made wooden centerpieces for our magazine launch party coming up!  No need to buy something he could make! 

Our sweet and stubborn Bo turned 13...which is around a million in dog years.  He enjoyed some treats and Luke made him his famous peanut butter cookies, too. 

Bear worked some more on his treehouse and put a roof on it! 

The girls got to dress up for church Wednesday we can check our dress up holiday off the list! 

And more birthday girl photos!!!  

Traditional breakfast birthday donuts! 

And then off to the Lodge! 

We also visited Bass Pro Shop a couple of times since it's across the street.  The boys really enjoyed that part.  We had so much fun but missed Bubba- I guess college has to come first sometimes! 

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