Sunday, October 22, 2023

{October: Fall Break & Big Bucks}

 Always finding a good spot to practice her gymnastics...and since it wasn't busy she managed to do 23 cartwheels in a row until she got to the exit doors.  As we watched and giggled and cheered her on, I was overcome with God's goodness in all seasons.  These very halls have held so much for our family...from the funeral for our Annabelle, the baptisms of now 3 of our children, and welcoming two home from the other side of the world through The Body functioning as it should in the people that call this place their home.  Because they were faithful and we were obedient, a child that once was an orphan is quite literally cutting flips in church surrounded by a family and a church family!  

While AJ was in WAMM (Awana, Bible, Missions time), AG hung out with Mom and Dad and colored.  She had some allergies for a couple days and took advantage of the one on one time! 

The freezer is getting full again!  And this Big Buck is definitely going to help! 

Bear shot him on Uncle Mike's property from 252 yds away! WOW! 

He has always said he wants to be a sniper and he very well may be cut out for it after all.  

As soon as Bear took his big buck to Will's to start cleaning him, Bubba got home for fall break! 

We had four lovely days of family games, watching football, grilling out, going to church and then sent him back to tackle the college life.  It was such a blessing. 

We wrapped up our Sunday afternoon in the kitchen where AG measured out the deer meat and I vacuum sealed it up for the freezer.  Nothing better than a week of family and faith and so much fun! 

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