Friday, October 20, 2023

{October: Busy Boys}

 Between the boys they are keeping us busy! Bubba played in another golf tournament and I finally got to go!  It was so fun watching him do what he is enjoying and passionate about.  He's got goals with golf and works so hard I have no doubt he will achieve them.  Hard work always pays off! 

It was fun meeting some other parents and learning a bit more about this game.  He made an impressive birdie on a par 5 that had me silent screaming from the sidelines.  

Meanwhile, photos came back from Bear's weekend Fall Retreat at Look Up Lodge.  

Getting out of his comfort zone a bit and speaking to the group.  It may have just been for a game but this is huge! Small steps add up...and leadership is a skill developed over time.  Proud of him to putting himself out there. 

So thankful for these kids! God is on the move in our youth group with weekly baptisms for months.  
Praise Jesus! 

Mama's learning but thought this was a good shot!  I'm still not quite sure where to stand for the right angle but we will get there.  It was just so fun being there to support him...and when he asks if I can bring my fancy camera for photos, then you know I'm in! 

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