Monday, September 04, 2023

{Starting September}

 And just like that, fall is here!  Well, not really.  It's at least 100 most days but it is September. Time to plan the apple picking and the fall family photos.  

Aren't these pretty?!  I remember when we first moved here and bought our land...probably even before we built...that we noticed these purple berries.  They are American Beautyberry Bushes.  We have several of them around our property and they are huge! The deer especially love their foliage. 

Our family had the sweetest time celebrating the birthing of the sweetest little boy.  He is a foster child that I lead a care community team for.  We serve them weekly dinners and have prayer warriors and basically just love, love, love on them.  

Running in the dark with a flashlight.  Does anything remind you more of summer nights?  We catch lightning bugs and run barefoot in the grass.  Pure bliss. 

We braved the Chapin Labor Day Parade again...the kids loved it but Scott and I agreed that it was definitely labor intensive for the parents.  Oh my! We had family and friends join us, too. 

Finally getting a well deserved rest...

Dogs basking in the sunshine and patriotic bunting...two things I'm not quite ready to see go. 

More pictures from the parade...AG the Eagle! 

AJ & Jayne

The crew of kids...and Grandaddy! 

AJ the Eagle, too. 

Sweet treats for a sweet day! 

This is how AG holds a baby...which happens to be her favorite Brit-Brit's baby...long awaited and prayed for fervently by our Panda girl.  This photo about brings me to tears each and every time I look at it.  My girl asked every single day if Brit-Brit was pregnant yet when she knew they were hoping to have a baby.  Then, getting the surprise facetime to be told that God has indeed blessed them with a child...and then the gender reveal...and now here she is!  AG could not have been more excited.  

And then there's this one...who has never held a child in her life and clearly is very uncomfortable.  It was time for pictures and Jackson's mama just plopped him right in AJ's lap.  She was not a fan.  ha! 

Keeping the back of the truck warm...and staying out of the wildness! 


Snowballs with ElizaAnne 

And snowballs at the parade! 

Honestly, I never know what he's going to do next.  

One second he's hunting dove and the next he has a tent set up, a fire going and is cooking his dinner over an open flame outside. Never a dull moment. 

AG & Aly 

The kids love looking through these old scrapbooks and blog books.  It's so fun to see them enjoy taking walks down memory lane, too. 

My gorgeous girl...

And that's a wrap! September has started with a super busy bang!  Guess I better start Christmas shopping!  It's going to be here in no time. 

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