Wednesday, September 13, 2023

{September: Second Week of Simple Rhythms}

 A little makeover to the coffee bar...our Keurig had been tinkering out for a bit so the girls and I made a stop to Costco for something else.  They had a Ninja Grounds and Pods Dualbrew XL on sale so we are giving it a shot.  You know the best thing about Costco?  If we don't like it, we just take it back.  So far, it's working out well...and it sure is nice to have hot coffee ready for me after my morning workout.  Scott grinds the beans and gets it going {and his first cup is hours before mine}.  So far, so good! 

I also took that chance to give the armoire a little facelift...I put cute contact paper on the bottom replacing our clear bubble stuff that was there and put the coffee maker on a wooden tray.  It feels a little fancier now...which I adore but my hubby could probably care less.  ;) 

Lots of time in this blessed little "hot box" each morning.  So grateful we saved and scoured marketplace for this old sauna.  It's such a calming space before another busy day. 

Just a typical after dinner plank challenge...someone was a little happier about it than the other.  And she could've stayed there for hours! 

Chickens on the porch are bad enough but one that now has decided to just pop a squat and stay???  Oh my! AG knows her job is to keep them off but Snowflake is giving her a run for her money.

Bear started his mid-week small group at church/Grow group.  He has been discipled recently by one of his beachblast leaders and meets with him before heading to his guys only small group each Wednesday night.  The girls are going to try Awana this year {which also has a missions emphasis} so we hung out for a bit for the big kickoff event...complete with bounce houses and popsicles!  

We haven't done Wednesday night church {maybe ever?}...but definitely not in a very long time.  We are glad to be back home at a church that values discipleship and offers ways to grow other than just checking a box on Sunday morning.  It's a lot to add to an already busy schedule but we trust that God is leading us in it.  I know I am better for it in my own life...although I didn't understand it then.  It's my prayer that our younger three will fall more in love with Jesus through these small group discipleship classes and that our oldest will return to his faith foundation.  I am not perfect parent {there was only ever One of those!} but I do think you learn as you go along and this is something that we are changing.

The trio started a homeschool co-op at our church this week!  They go every week and I stay twice a month to serve.  They had the best day!  It's all supplemental so it just adds even more to what we already are doing at home.  We are so grateful for this opportunity for them this year and are praying it is a sweet environment for them to be in to learn and grow. 

Daddy had a prayer over them before we loaded up to leave. 

One particular child adores her mealtime and did not want to be rushed to get out the door.  So, we took her picture with oatmeal still in her mouth.  Bless! 

One more year until high school!  How can that be??

And Bubba sent us a couple photos from his first college golf tournament!  He was able to travel to Waverly, GA to play in their first tourney of the season at The Sanctuary Golf Club.  Talk about a beautiful place!  It's on the intercostal waterway near St. Simons/Sea Island/Jekyll Island and just breathtaking.  Quite a change from playing in the mountains next week!  He played three rounds of golf and improved his score each round.  Not a bad start for his first ever competitive golf round...we are confident that he will continue to work diligently to further improve this new game and new change he's been given. 

And...what a glorious sunrise!  God is so kind. 

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