Saturday, September 02, 2023

{August: Wrapping Up}

 School is in full swing...sports is about to take off...hunting has begun...and we are trying to make the most of every moment.  

Is there anything more attractive to a mama that cooks 3 hot meals a day from scratch for her family than a husband taking over in the kitchen?  I think not.  So grateful for how Scott serves our family.   


No blog post would be complete these days without a few chicken photos...

Aunt Bea and AJ! Aunt Bea has gotten broody lately but we also think she may be smarter than she looks and is just trying to stay away from Barney since she is his favorite.  Smart girl! 

And we've gotten everything added back in...Earth Science is going to be our focus this year. 

Bear liked Jayne's basketball pocketbook.  He thought it was about the funniest thing he'd ever seen.  

Our sweet old Bo...he will be 13 next month. 

The kids and I put together a good luck bag for Bubba and surprised him with it at his dorm before he took off to begin his first qualifier for their first golf tournament.  

The kids made the sweetest notes.  We also got him a few goodies.  

The hurricane brought us a few lower temp days that made it somewhat tolerable to sit outside and enjoy lunch.  We will definitely take highs in the 70s at the end of August.  It was short lived but we enjoyed it while it lasted. 

This young man is growing up before our very eyes.  

Lu doing what he does best.  He got some dove to enjoy with dinner. 

AJ plays with silly putty during some of our read aloud times.  Clearly, she was giving me a sign here.  I love her creativity. 

Bear's stingray injury is healing beautifully! Kinda looks like a heart shaped scar...we joke and tell him that the stingray loved him. ha!

I spent the most lovely afternoon photographing the Robert Mills House to highlight the architect in the upcoming magazine that I am writing and photographing for.  It was so lovely. 

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