Sunday, August 27, 2023

{August: Week Three}

 The loveliest mail...a hand-painted watercolor card with the sweetest note on the back from my friend, Laurie Epting.  She is always so thoughtful and sends the most beautiful treasures.  What makes it all the more special is that she has battled daily migraines for well over a she did this and thought of me in her pain.  She is truly a beautiful soul.  

We finally got to having a party for Bear.  It was something else!  Airsoft all afternoon in 100 degree heat followed by an early dinner and cake back at our house followed by a couple hours cooling off in the pool.  What we didn't plan on was the power going out literally minutes after the boys returned home and walked in the door.  
We partied by the candlelight on the cake and were so grateful that short storm blew on over before the boys were done eating. 

His besties from NC came down, Levi & Makai, and then he invited a few of his 7/8th grade buddies from church.  Grandparents also made it in time for the cake, too! 

We kept the food easy because boys are the easiest to please...sandwich bar with egg salad, pimento cheese and PB & J.  Plus chips and cupcakes with ice cream and they are good to go! 

My precious hubby took all the boys across town over an hour away and played with them in the crazy SC heat.  Such an awesome Daddy! 

They were all very ready to cool off and swim for a while.  And all slept like rocks that night! 

Such a fun party! Plus, the parents basically got the day off!  They dropped off at noon and picked up at nearly dark.  SO much fun! 

We had two well visits on Monday.  One for Bear and one for AJ.  So blessed with healthy kids and no shots needed!  We aren't big on those things anyways.  

AJ made a portrait of her Dr. Bonnett while we waited.  It was so cute!  He was so touched by it and made sure to keep it once we were done...tearing off the paper and rolling it up to keep to look at when he is having a hard day.  Nothing like seeing yourself drawn as a pumpkin head with a top hat, orange & purple striped tie and curly mustache to cheer you up!  {He looks nothing like this, by the way, except he probably does own an orange and purple tie as their family are big Clemson fans. But it is quite adorable!}

Little Miss always practicing gymnastics or something to do with it!  

She told me that she was trying to see in the "mirror" also known as the oven around here.

Everything has the potential to be instantly turned into something else and their creativity is just precious. 

It was another fun and busy week!  In addition, I had a meeting for our new co-op we are going to try this year at our church.  It's supplemental only and will be so fun for us all to plug in to community more.  The kids still have a couple of weeks before that begins and we are so excited.  They will do some art, PE, science experiments, Spanish and more literature there.  I get a few hours to myself after the homeschool moms do a Bible Study time together.  How fun! 

Bubba came home for a hot minute to pick up a driver head for his golf club that was delivered and it was good to see him.  Golf season is already underway and he starts his first classes of his sophomore year of college on Monday! Tuesday he has his first qualifier to see if he can travel to their first tournament.  Only the top 5 travel so we are hopeful for him as he continues to work hard and learn to compete at golf! 

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