Sunday, August 20, 2023

{August: Week Two}

 Simple things and simple pleasures...

Like getting deer tags in the mail the day before your birthday so you can have your wish and hunt on your big day! 

Finding surprises in the garden and having no clue what they are or that you even planted them.

By the way, I'm 95% certain this is an apple gourd.  Cucumber family but definitely not a cucumber. 

Little sister got her deer tags, too.  We just found out that you can order free deer tags for kids under 18.  So, we have lots of tags to fill this year! Doubt we will kill 20 deer but it's a great goal! 

Still harvesting a bounty.  AG loves to eat these like candy.  We just keep a dish on the counter of them and she will gladly walk by and grab a few all day long. 

Morning guard.  

To make things simpler on Wyatt this summer with having to take {and not spend money to purchase} his lunch to work, we made a sandwich box of his favorite ham and cheese.  There were a couple left in the box when he moved to college so AJ gladly took care of one of them.  

She was quite happy to be eating her Bubba's sandwiches for him! 

Evening gardening and chicken duties...

Someone pointed out that someone else hasn't washed the chargers in a while.  

I may need to put that on my list.  

And the most beautiful start and finish to a day...the sunrise was just stunning and the evening sunset lit up the sky in the most beautiful golden hour I've ever seen.  Everything was pink and had a glow.

Birds, birds, birds.  Anyone need eggs?  

We figured these are truly what would qualify in Whole Foods as Gourmet Heritage Eggs.  They are pasture raised, not fed grain, free range, heritage breeds and spoiled absolutely rotten.  

We joke and say they are domesticated but I believe that may be the truth. 

Needless to say, we've got more eggs than we know what to do with! 

Egg salad, boiled eggs, deviled eggs, egg bites...I'm starting to feel like Forrest Gump in the chicken world.

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