Sunday, July 23, 2023

{Seabrook: Day Two}


Waking up to this is a dream!  Scott and I sat on the top deck with our coffee and Bibles...nothing better! 

Then, we headed across the street for some time in the sand.  The girls played and the boys threw the football and tanned a little by me. 

The kids all got "snackle" boxes for their beach treats.  I would fill them back up every couple of days.  

AJ enjoyed playing beauty shop with my hair each late afternoon when we would get in for a little and have a late lunch. 

After dinner and an evening pop up rain shower, the girls and Scott and I decided to run over to see the sunset {that we thought would just be rain clouds}.  We got the most beautiful surprise to step out of our condo and find a full rainbow!  

Look at it over the clubhouse! So pretty! 

The boys had just left to run to the grocery store to get ice cream for everyone.  Hate they missed it but I think they could see some of it from Freshfields.

And then we hopped across to be welcomed by this glorious sight...

The girls were in their pajamas because we were so sure that there would be no sunset to see this evening. 

But God... He is so kind! 

And after that treat, we headed back to meet up with boys for another one.  Ice cream for everyone! 

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