Monday, July 24, 2023

{Seabrook: Day Three}


Another morning with a glorious view...Jesus clearly knew what He was doing creating this! Couldn't think of a better place to sit alone with Him! 

Once the kids were up and going, we had some fun with beach hairstyles and turned AG into a real mermaid! 

AJ got some fun styles, too! 

Girls are ready to take on North Beach! 

The Drafts' {our friends that we've been beaching it with for nearly a decade} were there too.  

Gracious, I love this man! 

The little girls are getting bigger but still have the most fun together. 

My Bear is getting taller by the minute.  

After a morning on North Beach, we headed back to the condo for lunch.  Then, Scott, AJ and myself took a long walk to the other end of the island for low tide. 

The water was clearer than usual and we could see lots of things that are the exact reasons you will never find me in the ocean.  This guy didn't make it back when the tide went out.  I kind of felt badly for it but, by the end of the week, was totally fine with it. 

This is why we choose Seabrook year after year.  The beaches are nearly private at certain times and few know just how far you can go.  Yes, it's a barrier island and there is lots of wildlife but it's in going to the ends of it that you find the most beauty.  Just as God intended it to be. 

Made it to the Crosses...

AJ was full of questions and talked nonstop on the way there but we were all speechless when we reached the end. 

Luke in his happy at sunset. 

Why walk when you can ride on your Daddy's shoulders?  These are the moments. 

Whew...what a day!  For someone who brought running shoes, but never put them on...this was quite the day.  Lots of sandy toes and miles on the shoreline soaking in the goodness of God. 

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