Saturday, July 22, 2023

{Seabrook: Day One}

 Our favorite little island and our favorite family tradition...Seabrook for 7 days with my favorite people!  What a gift! 

As we were waiting for the gate passes to get onto the island, I snapped this of the landscape.  I love a colorful welcome! 

We rented in Spinnaker again which is just across the street from Boardwalk 9.  Usually, we have a golf course view but this year we took a leap and booked a condo on the other side of the street expecting to just see the road.  It was such a pleasant surprise to have a view of the ocean! 

With the car barely unpacked, we ran down to the water for a sunset walk. Part of the sweetness of this space is that the kids know their way around and lead the way!  

The tides were perfect!  We had low tide at both midmorning {perfect for those morning walks} and at or around sunset each evening {perfect for playing on the beach as the sky lights up and the sun goes down}. 

We walk to the end again...and again...the pluff mud and seashells are the BEST there.

The girls led the way and the boys hung behind throwing football as they made their way down.

Is there anything better than this?!?!

This sweet girl finds a balance "bean" everywhere she goes! 

See you tomorrow, Mr. Sun! 

Truly...only God could create something so breathtakingly beautiful as this...

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