Saturday, July 15, 2023

{July: Part One}


God continues to affirm His love and kindness towards us...and the first two weeks of July were no different!  Our Bear got to go to his first BeachBlast with the middle schoolers at church.  The Holy Spirit moved in a powerful way and 24 lives were ransomed for Christ! A couple friends were there as chaperone's and sent the sweetest snapshots of their time together.  I love this- the boys are huddled up worshipping together after Chad spoke boldly proclaiming the Gospel. 

Panda girl went fishing with her Daddy and Bear and caught TWO fish!  She's a natural! 

Another fun photo of Bear at BeachBlast...

Grandaddy gave all the girls on my side a treat to get forever linked bracelets! We had a little girls only outing to Southern Stitches.  AG, AJ and I got matching heart bracelets and Aunt JC and Jayne got matching sequin looking ones.  

We hosted a meet and greet for the adoption and foster family that I'm leading a care community for within our church.  I somehow managed to get the best team of ladies to serve together!  They can put on a spread too!  

Our baby chickens are laying and we have more green eggs!  These are more olive in color...or camoflauge if you ask Luke. 

This gal loves to snuggle after dinnertime! 

Our little garden is taking off and we are enjoying tomatoes and cucumbers like crazy.  

For the Fourth, we stayed home and grilled out.  Bear had some sparklers so the kids enjoyed doing those too.  We considered our boat outing to see the fireworks more of our celebration time since Bubba had to work all day on the 4th.  

Precious girl found a paint by sticker book in the closet where we store extra birthday/Christmas gifts and she was determined to finish them all!  She loved it! And I love that she worked on her math/counting skills at the same time!  Win Win! 

When I tell AJ to smile and pose for me...Oh my! 

The girls are really into playing hair these days and I am here for it!  I'll be there subject any time! I just end up with some "interesting" hairstyles.  

Sending Bear off to the Beach! 

The girls and I took a minute in the parking lot to pray over the buses that would be carrying the nearly 100 middle schoolers and their time together. 

Then, we headed to our favorite Brit Brit's baby shower!!!  The girls LOVED it!  They had never been to one before and, by the end, AG was sitting right by Brittany collecting the trash and helping clean up.  The especially liked the "tiny cakes"...also known as petit fors! 

All partied out! 

A couple days with just the girls once Bubba headed to work for the day and I caught them praying together before they got a little treat!  Our power went out for hours that morning so I finally caved and went to the coffee shop and got them a danish! But, they remembered to bless it first! 

Fur balls playing laying down.  ALL THE TIME! 

More rainy day and no power fun...painting toilet paper rolls and making them into octopus! 

And he's back!!!  And exhausted!  The boys stayed up the last night until nearly 3am in the chapel discussing their faith and testimonies! 

To keep Luke from crashing too early we took to the pool before dinner. 

I'm doing some part time work photographing and writing for a print magazine.  Most of my job is highlighting little treasures throughout our state and part of what I love about this job is that I get to do it with my kids!  So, we spent Thursday in Camden checking out the National Steeplechase Museum, seeing Lonesome Glory's grave, going to the The Battle of Camden, visiting Lord Cornwallis' Headquarters during the Revolutionary War and more!  It was so much fun!  We counted it as a school day, too! 

Wesley works at the museum and gave us the royal treatment since we were the only ones there at the time.  

The girls enjoyed riding Sparky! 

I gave Bear my old Mark II and let him have fun!  He is learning more about shooting in manual and really enjoyed it. 

For a little sweet treat before heading home, we used some gift cards that Scott was given to Starbucks...since he will NEVER go there.  We happily used them all up so we don't have to go back either.  ha! 

Cake pops and a mocha frappe with almond milk ...oh my! 

A full day like that makes even this one sleep on the drive home! 

New that they are on sale...make us all smile! Almost time for the beach!

Look at those pretty eggs!  Go girls! 

Bubba was teaching the kids to gulp carbonated water and it was so funny that I videoed it so this was the only actual still shot I had! 

Out of order...but more from getting our bracelets. 

Bubba wasn't home and his ice cream was on sale so this gal made it hers! 

She knows she can get away with about anything with her Bubba...but this may have crossed the line!  ha! He went back to the grocery store to get more! 

Silly girl is always dressing up! 

and this silly girl is always washing eggs!  

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