Saturday, June 03, 2023

{May: Part Two}

Wrapping up May with some new fun adventures and more fun critters! For starters, Bear caught this alligator snapping turtle at our neighbor's pond.  They were glad to see it re-homed to the lake so that it doesn't keep eating their baby bass.  

Bear spent another day on the river with Mr. Ernie.  More catfish! 

This darling girl doesn't go far without a chicken in her arms.  You'd think they didn't have feet...or wings! 

Clara has found the nesting boxes.  Hopefully we will see a few of these babies starting laying eggs in the next month.  They are getting close. 

I was sitting on the porch talking to Scott on his drive back home and just started screaming.  A black racer took off across the front field so I yelled and Luke came out to get it stopped.  Then, he called Mr. Ernie to come catch it.  It found a new home a few miles down the road on a huge plot of hunting land where I hope it's much happier than on ours.  

This girls and this dog.  They are both so busy that I had to capture a moment of their being still. 

Scott and Bubba putting around in the front field one evening after dinner.  Golf looks like it may have more of a role in his future than baseball.  It's been an adjustment as a parent to get used many things don't look at all the way we thought they would a year ago, but I know that God is sovereign and will use it all.  Taking time to grieve the loss honors it well though.  Learning more each day to just ask God for His will to be done...and for Him to align my heart with His.  I never thought things would look the way that they do...the enemy surely is glad for his success thus far...but God.  

In the meantime, does anyone know how to cheer on a golfer?  I assume there aren't stands for that. 

Silly girls and sweet Luke.  He let them make fingernails out of silly putty.  It was quite the operation.

and pretty creepy! 

We had a few days of cooler weather and so much rain.  At least the flowers were enjoying it. 

My daddy came over and let us use his pressure washer.  Scott worked so hard and the house looks as white as it did the day the siding went up.  

AG drew a picture for her new friend, Ellee, after they talked about their love for horses at church. 

We got a new game and the kids love it!  

This old sink was found over 6 years ago {probably closer to 8} laying upside down in our woods shortly after we bought the land.  The neatest part is that it is stamped on the bottom in cast iron with the date it was made...and that is Luke's birthday in the year 1928.  We knew that we wanted to keep it and I saw some photos of old cast iron sinks online that made me think we could use it for a gardening table.  

Finally a sunny day and a little towel balancing act before going for a swim. 

She's always ready! 

He showed up with this one all on his own!  He was going to fish the pond and walked right into it.  

I guess he was feeling pretty confidant because he took a call right in the middle of holding it.  ha! 

It was re-homed as well.  We are just waiting for a king snake to make an appearance...that one can stay!  But these little black racers and rat snakes are only going to eat our eggs.  No way! 

Our summer rhythm is pretty consistent.  We are keeping our Bible time/Morning time since it is a habit that we need anyways.  We are really enjoying the Not Consumed study on the Armor of God.  

I figured out a yummy gluten free sourdough pancake recipe {trial and error but it's delicious now} so we sprinkled chocolate chips on them for an extra treat today! 

Since we've got our egg supply through our chickens and our meat supply through hunting, we figured we might as well learn how to garden.  We've tried it in the past but the rabbits and deer were eating it all.  I stumbled upon an enclosed walk-in garden on Facebook Marketplace when I was listing something to sell.  The couple was moving and had to have it gone ASAP.  Basically, it was first come, first serve.  
So, we begged Mr. Ernie to haul the trailer to Rosewood and went to pick it up.  

They did such a great job getting it in the ground and digging so very many holes for the posts...and then I changed my mind the next day on the location.  Oops!  

First it was in the foreground of this photo...then we moved it closer to the house.  

The girls enjoyed going to feed rabbits! I'm grateful the rabbits aren't ours! 

As cute as they are, I think we are done with animals for now.  30 something chickens later...

There's not much that gives as much instant gratification like fresh cut grass.  

New shoes for more miles! 

We visited a friend for some free plants and flowers for our garden and her geese followed AG around everywhere.  She loved it! 

What a blessing!  Between three friends, every single thing I could have dreamed has literally been given to us.  God is so good and doesn't forget the little things in our lives.  He truly does delight in us. 

After a couple coats of paint between myself and the girls {we had the most fun singing into our paint brushes as we danced along}, Scott picked up some soil...well, we composted most of it and Bear got literally a million buckets of leaves/branches/etc for the base...and it was time to plant! 

It is always such an honor to present the character award in my Mama's memory at the middle school where she taught.  

All AJ wanted were grapes for the garden and Tractor Supply had them 50% off.  So, she got her wish! 

Bear watering the strawberries.  Some came with fruit and he has already enjoyed a few! 

What a sweet start to summer! 

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