Monday, May 15, 2023

{May: Part One}

 Beginning May the right way...spending time reading our Bibles on the front porch.  I was sitting in the sauna and snapped this through the window.  Nothing sweeter! 

The baby birds are getting bigger!  We've added a few more, too.  5 more black sexlink pullets that should be great egg producers. 

These birds are quite friendly when they get hand fed so often. 

Baby girl loves a book as much as her Mama! I was reading sitting in Daddy's chair and she came down early to join me with hers. 

Bubba is home from college!  Freshman year is done! He's working two jobs this summer (at a marina on the lake and on the grounds crew at a golf course).  We are so thankful to have him home. 

We had our first meal as our Friday evening tradition of pizza night! 

Afternoon popcorn traditions!  The girls are also getting into the habit of having afternoon tea as well. 

Sweet summer is just around the corner!  If only we wouldn't have these cold days every other week! 

The girls needed some new summer play clothes and Old Navy had a great sale.  Mostly we buy solids and avoid any sayings but these were too cute! Being kind is cool! 

Bear spent a couple days on the river with Mr. Ernie catching catfish.  Over 80 in this trip! 

Too funny!  I had to make him hold this one up! 

Grandaddy brought me flowers for Mother's Day.  It was such a sweet surprise! 

More pool afternoons...our favorite.

Dixie was the first of the two Americana chickens to lay an egg and it is green!  Really the prettiest seafoam green color...very soft and pastel.  We had assumed that they may lay blue eggs since they were hatched from blue eggs but green is it!  It was so cute and tiny. 

The girls and I took off to Charleston for a night to see Alexandra in her play.  It was so much fun!  We went al fresco dining on Daniel Island afterwards and then just made a night of it by sleeping over.  The girls had so much fun together and it was an absolute treat to catch up with my friend, Beth.  We initially met through our adoption agency 10 years ago when she lived in Kansas but God truly connected us forever in so many ways. We spent many a night at their home when AG was going through brain surgery. 

Sweet girls!  Alexandra was fantastic in her show! 

The girls played for hours and had the best time. 

Back home for Mother's Day with my crew! My husband outdid himself and spoiled me rotten.  He basically gave me a Mother's Day weekend...surprising me with a privacy fence installed by the cows where the kids treehouse is {it has been making me so nervous for months that they play that close to the highly electric fence}, an early kids' present treat to get a pedicure and two delicious home cooked meals...grilled shrimp kabobs and steak!  He also got me my favorite candle- as did Wyatt- and just made sure to honor me in every way.  It is my greatest joy to serve my family but it was pretty lovely to have a couple days to rest. 

Mother's Day doesn't come without its intense moments of loss and grief and this year they were only amplified.  So, after picking myself up off the floor a couple times in tears, I called a dessert for dinner night.  Luke and I baked chocolate chip cookies and bought cookie dough ice cream to put between them for our own gluten free and divine version of ice cream sandwiches.  It was exactly what we needed! 

My precious girl has another ear infection...I also think she was battling some sort of cold because typically an ear infection doesn't even bother her.  She just wanted to sleep it off.  She doesn't like to miss a thing so when she puts on her eye mask and takes a nap in the middle of the day, she is definitely not herself. 

While she napped, I washed eggs for her.  Aren't they pretty?!

Sweet baby sister played with silly putty quietly to let her big sister rest. 

Everything is beginning to bloom...we have both baby blue hydrangeas and pink this year!  I think this is the first time that they have turned out to be different colors. 

And our Annabelle Hydrangeas are the happiest they have ever been!  So full and lovely! 

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