Sunday, April 30, 2023



Almost party time and this little love bug cannot wait to celebrate her biggest brother!  The girls helped me decorate and bake.  We had so much fun getting ready.  We grilled out steaks and then invited grandparents over for a dessert surprise.  It was the most fun little party! 

These two adore their Bubba.

Bear was really upset he didn't have a gift since this was a pretty last minute type thing.  So, when he came home from fishing all day and saw the party decor, he called Mr. Ernie and asked him to take him to the grocery store to buy Bubba some of his favorite treats.  Luke has the biggest heart.  He knew exactly what his brother would enjoy! 

As usual, the girls gifts were handmade and full of heart! 

Our crew just keeps growing!  What a gift The Lord has given. 

The one that made me a Mama. 

Bear just realized that he may should use sunscreen next fishing outing!  Ouch! 

It took two lighters to get this one going! 

Here goes!  That's a lot of candles to blow out! 

It was so very special to have both sets of grandparents here to celebrate and reflect together.  We had the most fun just hanging out and sharing stories throughout the years.  

I cannot believe that Wyatt is 19.  Time truly is a thief.  Scott's mom, Nana, was sharing stories from when he first came home from the hospital and we all remembered them like yesterday.  God has been faithful in Wyatt's life and we know He will's just who He is and His character never changes.  God has great plans in store and it is our joy to pray and wait with expectation to see them unfold.  

We love you, Bubba! Happy 19th!!!

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