Thursday, June 15, 2023

{June: Part One}

The first half of June included my birthday, VBS and some fun around the farm. We are busier than usual with all that's been going on but trying to make sure we keep some margin in our days to just truly enjoy the summer.  It seems that things can get even busier in this season if we let intentionality in our schedules is key! 

Some of these photos are out of the first one.  I volunteered for VBS in the baby room and we had our hands full!  More babies than adults so us three professional mamas just needed one day to figure it all out and we were set for the week.  Looks like the baby carrier still works magic!  I had one asleep on me and one content in the stroller.  So sweet! 

AJ loves to play the drums and piano.  She will sneak off when she needs time to herself and regulates so well this way. 

Our hydrangeas are just beautiful...the Annabelle Hydrangeas especially!  {And, yes, that is their scientific name!} 

Two needy dogs and one good teenage boy who loves them well! 

She sat on my lap and I just adored her take a photo, I must! 

Some downtime with Dad... he works so hard for us so it's nice to see him enjoy some time to just relax. 

Luke and Mr. Ernie made it back out on the river again with more yummy catfish.

The light on these darling's as if the Son is in their midst.  He is! 

Boss is our little sniffer dog and he sniffed out a baby bunny burrow...and then brought us two.  ugh! 
Thankfully, he didn't kill them and we were able to find the burrow and put them back.  We've since seen them hopping around so they must be okay. 

Of course, we took a few minutes to love on them first! 

We ran to Wal-Mart to grab a few things for the garden and AJ told me that I should buy this gown to sleep in as a surprise for Daddy!  One day, I am sure I will!  My grandma wore those things and they definitely look comfy.  ha! 

Play-doh is always near.  It's been really rainy this summer so we are getting creative inside on those days. 

And look what we have here!  A chandelier in the chicken coop!!!  

I was at a friend's house for dinner and she had a lot of things laying in the garage she was trying to get rid of.  I jokingly said that I would take the chandelier for my chickens and her husband immediately went and loaded it in my car.  How fun!  

Woke up on my birthday just like all the other days of the week and got my walk on!  What a gift to have my health and the ability to do so. 

My people spoil me so!  Scott had some treats already laid out and gifts to enjoy.  

My Daddy held his annual law enforcement luncheon at our church where our SC Governor spoke and Trey Gouty from Fox News.  The girls and I dressed alike just to take Luke to help serve!  We took a bathroom selfie to send to Scott for fun.  

AJ had gymnastics and is blowing everyone away with her natural talent. 

Then, my sister and her kids and my daddy came over to visit for the afternoon.  The kids had the best time swimming {it was supposed to be raining BUT GOD} and taking turns trying to pull out Jayne's first tooth.  It wasn't quite ready. 

My husband grilled steak and roasted asparagus.  Then, I had a yummy "ice cream cake".  It was divine! 

Before bed, the girls played with my head.  Which I am always a big fan of! 

The Fab Four kiddos!  I am one blessed mama! 

Warm and Sunny days are our favorite!  

Bear had cut part of the field before hopping in the pool so Scott finished it when he got home.  Something about cutting grass is so therapeutic! 

Luke got a surprise visit from his buddy, Levi!  It was a whirlwind of fun for 24 hours! So grateful they got this time together before Levi heads to Costa Rica for a missions trip most of the summer. 

And now back to VBS!  These are actually in order...




and five minutes later...

and DAY FOUR! 

There were these BBQ puff things that everyone wanted from the snack room.  One of the ladies that was with me in the nursery shares the same last name and asked for my bag after day one when she realized that I brought my own snacks and there wasn't a thing that worked for my autoimmune diet on that cart! ha! So, the snack workers were so great at getting us extra bags...thinking they were for all of us...when they were actually just for Kimberly.  

On the last day, hardly a bag was left to be found but Mrs. Hogue offered hers up to me and left me this note when I was out walking a baby!  How funny!  I said you know that you are really church family when you can share the same bag of chips and give someone else your last ones! 

Photos of a photo of our baby rooms...

we were missing two this day as one was out and one is a foster child that couldn't be shared in public photos.

I forgot a photo before AJ changed for gymnastics and as everything was being taken down and packed up to donate to other churches but we got something! 

It was the BEST week!  

Did y'all know that most VBS only run 4 days now?  I didn't.  I called my daddy on Wednesday night telling him that we still had two days left and he said nope...only one.  Sure enough, they switched it a few years ago.  As much as we were bummed it was over, we needed that Friday to catch up on sleep and rest a little.  Goodness, it feels so good to be back home in the church that always been The Body to us.  

Sometimes you just have to take a detour to learn those types of things...BUT GOD always brings us back. 

Chickens enjoying the compost and fertilizing it for us at the same time.

And the last of our of photos.  The girls were in the same group which was lovely!  And Bear served as youth in Preschool Recreation! 

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