Tuesday, March 14, 2023

{Seven Year Old Sweetheart}

Our darling little bookend baby is SEVEN!  She wanted to go to the beach for her birthday so that is still coming up very soon.  She is so easy to celebrate and finds joy in every moment.  

She is silly and says the funniest things that you'd never expect to come out of her mouth.  Quite a vocabulary for a little thing! 

She is always busy and always talking and always coming up with ways to make any ordinary moment extra fun! 

She adores dressing up and wearing my shoes and rummaging through my jewelry drawers.  She would pick out my clothes every day and have me dressed to the nine's! She wants the best for everyone. 

She is a surprise we never knew we needed...but are oh so grateful God saw fit to give us. 

Happiest of birthdays, Dubble Bubble!  You are SUNSHINE through and through and we LOVE YOU!!!

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