Sunday, March 19, 2023

{March: Part Two}

Whew...another long week!  Lots of yucky bugs going around and something sure did get us.  Poor Panda girl ended up with double ear infections from it.  Sweet girl took lots of naps! 

Signs of spring! Our hydrangeas are trying to come back already! 

and the grass is green!  

Lots of snuggles for a long ourselves grace can be so hard sometimes when we are in the middle of the busiest baseball season we've seen in a long time.  But, the rest was so lovely. Bear always keeps up laughing! He took some selfies of the snuggle fest. Panda was not amused.  Clearly. 

By the end of the week, we made it back out and the ballpark, of course.  I love watching their little imaginations at work.  "Soup" made of dirt. 

The baby chicks are growing!  Staying under the heat lamp and eating all the time. They are three weeks old already. 

Tuesday was AJ's 7th birthday!  We weren't feeling that great but the birthday girl was absolutely fine and ready to party! 

She made a special request for blueberry muffins for her birthday breakfast.  

Then, she opened gifts from us.  AG made her a beautiful card, Luke gave her gluten free donuts and chewing gum and she got lots of Barbies from Mommy & Daddy. 

A Chicken Farmer Barbie had them both elated! 

Mr. Ernie brought her Frozen cupcakes, too! 

We had a couple warmer days so we took some of the chicks out to try to sex them.  It's so hard to tell when they are babies but we are pretty sure we have 10 girls and 4 boys.  Time will tell! 

I told my hairdresser that I thought the sauna may be drying my hair out some so she suggested that I try to use a satin bonnet when I am in it.  It came in the mail and Bear humored us all by trying it on.  

AJ's barbie designer kit.  The girls enjoyed designing their own dresses. 

And we began a month long of Tuesday morning dentist appointments.  AJ was up first since she was the only one not sick.  I love that they don't sedate but just used a weighted blanket for her and let me be with her the entire time.  She was so happy and such a great little patient.  

All done!  In and out in about 30 minutes.  Incredible! 

And then a trip for AG to the pediatrician.  Those ears and that throat were super yucky but she doesn't ever complain a bit.  She also had a pretty nasty eye infection.  We try not to use medications often but sure are grateful for them when we have to. She was better in a day! 

We added two new pullets to the big chicken coop.  Meet Dixie and Daisy!  They are Ameracauna chickens and should lay a blue green egg beginning in the next month or so.  They are gorgeous in person!  Their gray is almost lavender.  

Panda girl with her Fluffy...our dark Brahma that she adores! 

Bear had to hold her a bit, too!  Fluffy is such a gentle chicken. 

Getting the new girls adjusted.  They will spend about a week in the crate inside the big coop for everyone to get used to each other without being able to do harm.  They can start working out the pecking order this way without any serious injury.  Then, in about a week or so, they will join the big girls.  

Shane is getting bigger!  He and Beamer got into it the other night and we found blood on them both.  Hopefully it doesn't happen again.  They haven't been aggressive at all towards us...and goodness knows that won't be good if they do! One will definitely be coyote dinner! 

While the big girls are free ranging, we let Dixie and Daisy out to explore the coop.  

Sick babies and new chickens...guess that sums up our week! 

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