Sunday, March 05, 2023

{March: Part One}

We had some kinks to work out but my days always begin in here!  Well, actually they begin with a workout and then the hot box where I spend the sweetest time praying and talking to Jesus.  What else do you do anyways while you're just sitting there?!?

Adding to the flock! We have slowly added 16 new chicks to our family and hope to have lots more eggs by summer.  This time we got lots of different breeds! 

Bear got some time on the mound, too!  At this stage, everyone gets to pitch! He enjoys it but much prefers to be the catcher. 

Spring is springing!  Bear found not one but TWO snakes in our pine straw the other day.  Mr. Ernie helped come over to find them a new place to live.  Thankfully, neither were venomous but just a little too close for comfort. 

Made this handsome kid take a selfie with me before dropping him off for his first D-Now weekend! He had the BEST time!  All glory to God!  

More sweet snuggles...this one loves to cuddle! 

Things are getting green! 

And, he's home!!!  They were just a tad excited to have him back. 

We decided to make a switch for our pediatric dentist and were seen by them for the first time.  This dentist is so much closer and they were fantastic!

Chicks checking on the chicks! 

Panda selfies at the ballpark...

School still gets in there, too! 

And the babies are growing! 

Mr. Ernie lent us the biggest, most incredible space for them! 

This is a miracle...I can finally eat eggs again!  Not willing to risk it with conventional ones but my organic, free range girls have safe eggs for me.  It's been years and God is so good to give me this healing. 

Our Boss had to be "fixed"'s going to be a long couple of weeks, y'all! 

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