Sunday, February 26, 2023

{February: Part Three}

Home is our favorite place to be! Our neighbors got a new cow and named her Queso.  We've enjoyed watching her some...and Boss especially was confused at first since she is the first one to have a different color and look like him! 

A beautiful day for a trip to the zoo! 

AG is the best chicken mama! 

The girls have their seashell collection from my trip on display and enjoy playing with them. 

Not sure why the photos didn't load in order but back to the zoo trip...always have to stop by the birds for Panda to feed them.  

Bear's good buddy, Eli, joined us as he was in town for a day before flying to South Africa for a mission trip. 

We made a drive to Florence to see Bubba pitch against Frances Marion University.  The field was gorgeous and the girls loved having this covered space to themselves. 

Obligatory picture with our college baseball player.

God has given us some of the most beautiful weather lately!  Being able to open the porch doors and just let the outside heat up the inside has been lovely.  I'm sure there will be one more cold snap but we are so thankful for days in the 70s! 

Her winking self portrait! 

On the 24th, we celebrated 9 years since God gave us our Panda girl!  Gotcha Day cake and singing just for our sweet girl by all!  

AJ is always begging to be flipped or flown by her Daddy! Another new trick! 

She was sitting on my lap and I just had to snap this...she is so beautiful. 

We got a little afternoon rain shower and Boss was all about those puddles.  The girls were NOT thrilled by it! ha! 

Back to another ballpark!  Bear is enjoying playing for the homeschool league this year.  Pappy brought Aly to come watch a game. 

Our Catcher! 

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