Friday, March 31, 2023

{March: Part Three}

 Finally catching up & wrapping up has been full and busy.  Here are our highlights from the end of this month. 

  Shed selfies with my Panda girl!  We got so much therapy watching those baby birds. 

Cutest banana bread helpers ever! 

Boss got his little minus manhood surgery done.  It was hysterical watching him in the cone for a couple weeks but he did well.  

The big girls love to eat our gluten free sourdough discard.  They gobble it right up! 

We finally wrapped up all the dental procedures needed...and while Bear was back, we took iPads for the girls to get their Lexia Core 5 time in.  This program is usually pretty costly but we were approved through the local library and receive it for free due to a grant program.  It's helped my girls tremendously! 

They worked so diligently that they were both rewarded with free screen time afterwards.  Of which, they both picked the same Barbie app and began designing clothes.  

Bear was a bit silly after his dental work! He laughed for hours! 

And then went and played baseball that evening.  I was a little nervous letting him play but he did great. 

Growing like a weed and passing Mom in height.

Boss' two weeks of cone life are over and he is free again!  

We also have spent the past couple of weeks wrapping up some curriculum and getting ourselves ready to say hello to the summer soon!  Just a few weeks left! 

And, it wouldn't be an update, without more baby bird photos.  ha! 

Time for an oil change so this little gymnastics queen joined me after her lesson! We sat and rocked and ate cassava pretzels and talked about the most fun things. 

First sick visit for this kid since 2019!  Bear had an ear infection too. Boo!

Dr. B checked everyone's ears just for fun and they were clear thankfully.


Cheetah baby is growing up!  We have been told she is a Prairie Bluebell. 

Aunt Bea our silkie is getting her afro growing bigger by the day. 

Opal {not Opie because she's a girl} is starting to get her big girl feathers in.  We named the babies after the characters from the Andy Griffith Show! 

We spent some time at Belle's resting place switching out her wreath. AJ is starting to ask more and more questions.  It's bittersweet to share but so thankful for the hope Jesus brings.

Daisy and Dixie are starting to free range a little and actually leave the coop.  They stayed in there for nearly a week with the door open.  

Root Bear floats for fun! 

Luke and I made egg salad and it was delicious! It was the first time he'd eaten it in quite a while.  Gotta do that more often as the eggs increase around here.  

Golf cart rides are our favorite! It's nice to not have to haul water jugs and pine shavings across the field all the time. 

These two know how to enjoy a cart ride! 

The babies have gotten bigger which means it's time for new coop building.  After searching across the state for weeks, we have found that it will be cheaper to build one ourselves.  Other than this wood, the rest is all salvage and Facebook Marketplace materials.  Big Bang for our buck!

Our church had a kids Easter party on Friday night so the girls and I went while the boys worked on the coop.  This little doll is such a treasure! 

We all hopped on the train as soon as we got there and took a spin! 

The egg hunt was on!  

AJ got a ballon in one of her eggs and cracks us up trying to blow it like Pop-eye! 

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