Monday, February 06, 2023

{February: Part One}

You know what's fun first thing in the morning?  Finding your one and only pool float air pump chewed to tiny pieces by your puppy.  It was a such a lovely morning that I put him on the screened porch {instead of in his crate} while I worked out.  And this is how he thanked me!  Dogs are harder than kids.  Well, this one is at least! 

This girl, however, is the sweetest there ever was!  She makes me smile every day and loves life and lives it to her fullest capacity.  Heart of pure gold! 

Mid-week extra curricular call for our favorite stop at Loveland!  Typically we indulge in gluten free/dairy free cookies but they were, I did something I don't often do and got a coconut milk latte.  It was divine! 

This darling baby girl popped up in my memory...we remembered 15 years from her miracle heart-iversary.  The day where God gave us a little more time.  What a treasure!  I always love seeing her sweet face surprise me during these bittersweet days.  She was the most lovely. 

More baby cows and more curious little girls.  The cows like to watch the girls care for the chickens and are very nosy creatures.  We love watching the baby calves jump around and play.  

I've been on a decluttering kick {which is silly to even say as I rarely keep anything anyways} but also came across a wonderful resource for weekly cleaning plans.  I decided to tackle one of my ovens.  This is the one that we bake bacon in so it was extra yucky!  Super simple and super effective way to clean the glass {that scared me initially} is just warm soapy water and crumbled up tin foil.  It worked brilliantly! 

Another miracle of sorts.  We have had a few little upgrades needed to the sauna and finally figured out after running an entire extra circuit line across the entire house that this was probably the issue all along.  And yes, it was completely burned and melted off the outlet.  This little plug is under the bench that we sit on and miraculously never caused a full on fire.  I can't even imagine what would've happened had it done so.  Thankfully, the customer service for Health Mate has been amazing and we are able to fix this for less than $30.  Whew.  New outlet and cord ordered and hopefully we will be back in business in a few days.  So scary though! 

The girls were approved for a reading program online that the library has a grant for.  It is very expensive if we were to purchase it individually and something that we had looked into but just couldn't swing without knowing if it would be a good fit or not.  It is custom to each student and uses the same approach to reading that we enjoy with our other curriculum that is for dyslexia and other learning differences.  They both love it! We are so grateful for this resource for them.  It checks a couple boxes for them, too...screen time and learning simultaneously.

Another day, another air soft gun war! Bear goes ALL OUT for these!  

Celebrating Grandaddy is easy to do!  He is 71 and we are so blessed by him.  We had his favorite chocolate eclair dessert here at our house and then he surprised us with dinner out to a local burger place.  It was such a fun afternoon and evening. 

This was him telling Bear not to blow out those candles early...Bear is known for that!  Which is why Bubba was covering his mouth for Annabelle's candles last week.  ha! 

The girls drew him cards of cakes and all kinds of fun things they thought of.  Bear put together quite the fishing tackle box sampler.  And, we got him some new sweats to wear around the house.  

On Sunday, we worshiped and came home for lunch together.  AJ got all into telling us a story that was in her head {aka made-up} and acted out the entire thing.  It was so funny! 

And Panda made a chicken nesting box out of her legos. She loves building all the time.  If you can't ever find her, just check her lego table.  She's always there! 

And a new treat for Mom!  Trying to get more protein in my diet as I can tell a huge difference when I have more than not.  This is delicious!  I just add it to hot or cold water and sip.  Scott likes their chocolate version in coffee, too.  

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