Sunday, February 12, 2023

{February: Part Two}

A busy week of getting ready and making each moment count...started out as pretty crummy though.  AG was not feeling well.  We had a little fever and lots of lethargy.  A quick visit to the doctor to swab for everything was negative so we knew we just had to wait it out.  Thankfully, it only lasted our sweet Panda girl a couple of days.  

Meanwhile, we hung out in jammies and took silly photos in Bear's new glasses.  So grateful that this girl didn't get whatever Panda had.  I have no idea how she didn't as they share literally everything.  But glad for it! 

A long night but she had an appetite again.  Homemade banana oat pancakes for the win! 

Bo is the best therapy dog.  He kept a close eye on her, too. 

Bear stepped up helping AJ get everything to take care of the chickens while Panda wasn't feeling well.  

We finished another wonderful missionary story.  We love this series! 

I snuck away to get some gold sparkle on my toes for my upcoming trip! There was no one there and it was lovely! 

On the mend and back outside.  Lots of afternoon walks and bike rides.

So glad this sweet girl is feeling better! 

The girls and I visited our favorite coffee shop while Bear was in drum lessons and spotted a new treat!  This is not gluten free but Scott doesn't have to eat that way so he got a splurge!  He said it was delicious! 

Slowly easing into spring...longer days and warmer temps.

Always nearby! 

Visiting chickens, too! 

A sudden rainstorm turned into a fun dance party! 

And making time for us!  Saturday day date to Loveland...where he could get another one of those red velvet whoopee pies and I could indulge in a coconut milk latte!  Yum!  The treats are lovely but the company is matchless.  I'm so thankful we put our marriage first. 

Silly faces after dinner.  She is clearly feeling better!

Getting all the cuddles in before I head out for a week...

Loaded up and ready to recharge and refresh in the Caribbean! 

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