Saturday, November 26, 2022

{November in iPhone Photos: Take Three}

Bear got another deer!  Our tummies and our freezers are very happy about it! 

Somedays you just have to school in the floor with lots of puppy cuddles.  

Grandaddy and Mimi parked their RV at a nearby state park so we drove up to visit one afternoon.  

Back home...I thought the sky was so pretty this evening. 

I have some of the best memories of playing in my Grandma Lottie's jewelry as a little girl.  When she passed, I inherited a lot of it {she had plenty to go around} and it is so much fun to watch my girls enjoying the same.  

They even got Bear involved! ha!

Another night of barber shop in the den.  The girls are enjoying playing with my hair and I enjoy letting them.  It's so fun! 

New jammies and hot cocoa with meringue cookies make everyone happy. 

And putting up the tree!!! 

We were all so happy to have Bubba home for Thanksgiving.  

I caught these two giggling in the foyer on Thanksgiving Day.  So sweet! 

Luke's best buddies came down for a couple days Thanksgiving weekend so we had a full house!  It was the best! 

Aunt Suzie sent the girls the best Christmas boxes from Michigan and they had so much fun with them. 

It is rivalry game day!!!  Go Gamecocks! 

Watching the game the first quarter and not very pleased with how our Gamecocks are doing...

BUT they turned it around and WON!!! 

Cup pong across the island for the boys as we cooked and had the most fun low-key evening together. 

I don't take for granted the nights that he is home now.  This stage is so different and so hard.

Thankful for family...

and even more deer!!! 

For Christmas school...

and sunshine baby girl...and for this life we get together! 

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