Saturday, November 12, 2022

{November in iPhone Photos: Part Two}

Lunch shenanigans...this was AJ's first time trying sprite and she was very perplexed by the bubbles.  

A hair cut for Bear turned into a discount trip to the pumpkin patch.  Apparently these are heirloom pumpkins so we are going to freeze the seeds and try to plant them. 

Our leader and most beloved had a birthday!!!  We had so much fun showering him with some of his favorite things and partying at home.  

These sweet feet...I'm going to miss this one day so I'm posting it to remember forever. 

Bear is teaching her his tricks! 

Scott and I scooted away to Highlands for a couple days and had the loveliest time hiking, dining and taking in these gorgeous little towns.  

We stayed at Half Mile Farm which is a part of the Old Edwards Inn.  It was glorious! 

This fantastic little garden house was literally empty the entire time and we sat by this fire for hours just talking and dreaming and praying together.

Loved this Scripture in our bathroom.

Unlimited cookies had him hooked. 

Have you ever seen a prettier salad?!?

The mountain trout was divine! 

We hiked Glass Mountain and stood on the continental divide.  The views were breathtaking...I kept having scripture come to mind about the rocks crying out and how magnificent our Creator is.  Truly a Masterpiece! 

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