Friday, December 09, 2022

{December: Part One}

Finally got a real evergreen wreath {from Costco of all places} and have loved having it!  AG loved sneaking in when she saw me taking a photo.  I was able to have a sweet tea/coffee date with a dear friend this week, too.  It had been a long time and since life has changed a lot lately for us this was needed.  

We have spent the last four years at another church in town and made some precious friends there.  The Holy Spirit has very clearly led us away from that church for many reasons so it's nice to still be able to carve out time to see the few that we still cherish from that season there.  

Sitting in the sun with my sunshine girl!  And Scott taking just Bear and AG to his work party.  Bubba called us sick from college so I stayed home with him {and AJ, of course}. 

Sweet girls are always crafting! 

Bubba has been doctored up and is headed back to college after a surprise weekend home to recover.  Thankfully no one else got sick and we were all pretty sure it was food poisoning. 

The girls and I went to the most beautiful Christmas Cantata at Riverland Hills.  I grew up loving this memory with my family and sang in it for a few years.  Grandaddy got there a little early and got us front row seats in the balcony.  The place was packed and it was the perfect way to kick off the Christmas season.  We loved it! 

Facebook Marketplace for the win again!  My hubby made my rocking Adirondack chair dreams come true!  Bear helped assemble! 

His European mount came in and he loves it! 

I got my hair done...letting those silver strands grow in bit by bit.  I love that I can go longer between getting it done as it blends better now. 

Caught these two snuggling as they watched World Watch News one morning.

Little gymnast is something in her class.  It's so fun to watch her do what she loves. 

She was my little helper shopping for stocking stuffers and found herself a few things in the makeup aisle.  ha! 

We found the most fun gift for JJ...a Kermit the frog puppet!  The kids enjoyed playing with it when it came in the mail before we wrapped it. 

My man can grill!  Bacon wrapped venison tenderloins.  Melt in your mouth divine! 

And little did I know that this whole meal was a surprise for me.  It was my half birthday and since life has been so rough lately, he had an entire evening planned for me.  My favorite meal, a robe and treats and  so much more! He is so good to me and sets the best example for our kids. 

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