Wednesday, October 26, 2022


She's waited a long time for this!  Earrings!  It's kind of a rite of passage in our family to get your ears pierced on your 10th birthday...I went at her age and it was so special.  Something I will remember forever with my mom.  What a privilege to get this moment with her! 

She picked out perfect little 14K gold diamonds. 

Could she be any more proud?!? 

So happy and ready to see them. 

The lady was a little interesting.  She was in the middle of doing her hair although we had an appointment.  Perhaps we were a little early.  ha! AG did so well and AJ held her hand. 

We had gluten free chocolate chip banana bread for breakfast.  Her favorite...with chocolate almond milk! 

Sweet girl is so happy it's her birthday!  She's counted down and marked the days off for over a month. 

AJ made her a beautiful card

And Bear made her a barn for her horses 

Dinner was her request of blueberry French toast casserole and bacon! Then she requested cupcakes with white icing and gold sprinkles to match her earrings. 

Big breath for all those candles! 

Sweet girl and a sweet day!  She makes life so fun! 

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