Monday, October 24, 2022

{a FAIR week}

Surprise kids!  We are calling off school and going to the SC State Fair! 

We aren't fans of the rides or the food but do enjoy seeing all the animals and artwork. This bird made us laugh. 

And this bird really was checking out AJ! 

Chickens obviously were the highlight for my crowd. 

We found a friend's yummy treats in the baking competition and she won!  

Meet me at the Rocket!

Love this trio! 

We found the Moon, too! 

And Luke held it on his finger.  ha! 

Well, the fair lost money on us.  We did the two our lunch bunch deal where we got our money back and paid nothing for admission.  We didn't buy a single thing from the food trucks or a single ticket for a ride but we did spend $6 to a local produce farmer for some muscadines! These were a childhood favorite of mine and I just had to share them with the kids.  Not bad for a day at the fair...$6 for 4 to go!

Bear wasn't so sure as I was explaining them to him and how to eat them. 

This girl loved them though!  

Mr. Ernie brought over his morning kills for us to see...a buck and a coyote! I'm grateful he came to show us because I would have thought that coyote was a fox.  Now we know better. 

Still enjoying our morning time the best of all! 

Lunch and Science...somedays we have to double up to get it done before afternoon activities.  

She enjoyed personifying the weird plants we were learning about. 

I'm not sure what the four means.  I'll have to ask! ha! 

Lots of lego building...that seems to be a favorite this time of year. 

Another read aloud that we loved.  We've gone through ALL the books that I had selected for the fall term.  We found more at the used bookstore recently and are hoping they last through Christmas.  Studying the World Wars this year has truly interested us well as the stories of Brother Andrew, Corrie ten Boom and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  Gladys Alyward is next!  And then we throw in tons of picture books and chapter books as well.  Tying in our character study with our history this year has really brought it all together. 

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