Sunday, October 23, 2022

{Her Dream Come True}


There was only one thing that this sweet girl wanted for her 10th ride a horse.

Her surgeon made it very clear many years ago that there will always be somethings that will forever be off limits for her.  Roller coasters, trampolines, ATVs and name a few.  It was only after talking to a good friend that has several horses that I realized that there is such a thing as "riding therapy" and that she actually owns one precious old man named Captain that has been used for that very thing.  

So, unbeknownst to her, we planned for months for her to get to ride Captain.  She had no idea that this was happening although she thought she may get to meet a horse.  She didn't know it was today or that everything she's ever wanted was about to be a reality.  

We told her to practice dressing up like her favorite horse riding character and we'd go visit an old man named Captain and take him a bag of peppermint candies.  

I wish I could share the video to keep forever here.  But, her excitement was unmatched!  She was barely able to speak and squealing mostly as soon as we pulled into the stables and she saw horse after horse after horse welcoming her.  That's when we told her that the old man Captain was actually a retired cart draft horse and she would be the one feeding him the peppermint candies out of her hand as they are his favorite treat! 

Her eyes lit up! And her smile and every other fiber of her little being.  She was made for moments like these. 

What we didn't know is that another sweet old man named Oliver would also be there and he was yet another horse she could ride.  So, she got to ride TWO!  Everyone was so impressed with her calm confidence with them.  They clearly adored her and knew she adored them. 

Precious girl! 

They first learned how to care for Captain by doing some brushing. 

We also visited some of the other horses...well, all of them by the time we left! They would come right up to her and just let her love them. 

Sweet girl talking horse language to them and did they love it! 

There was also a 4 month old foul there that they got to love on as well. 

That sweet baby! 

Captain and Andie-Grace

All saddled up and ready to ride

Up she goes!  Fearless and SO excited! 

They made many laps in the ring.  She worked on balance and crossing her midline.  We are so thankful for Mrs. Amanda and Evan helping and making this possible. 

Bear whittled a bit while he waited. 

And AJ patiently waited her turn! 

All smiles for this girl, too!  We didn't plan on her getting to ride but when you ask, it shall be granted. 

Just look at how she interacts with them!  It's truly such a beautiful thing to witness. This tiny girl and such magnificent creatures finding their way to each other in the most special way.  

We are definitely going to try to make this happen again soon and often as it is clearly healing her soul every moment she spends with them. 

Dreams do come true!

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