Monday, October 17, 2022

{Sweet Simple Days}

Monday morning and I find him like this...sniping a squirrel off the front porch.  Seems about right! 

Getting her Bo cuddles on during our science lesson

He spends most of our morning reading on the floor between these two fur babies

Impressive play-doh skills!  She made me some fish to eat! 

When speech and drums get unexpectedly canceled in the middle of the week, I got a quick ok from Scott and headed to get my toes done.  Such a treat! 

Whew!  I sent this to Scott afterwards as I basically fell asleep in that massage chair during the pedicure.  I think I was overdue! 

Just because photo

The girls couldn't be left out of pretty nails.  So, we painted theirs later that night! 

I had a sweet afternoon coffee date with my friend and the girls came with me.  They loved it and have asked to go back almost daily.  Screen time and cake pops made this an all time favorite for them.  

I walked in the door and saw all my people in one room together and had to snap a photo.  

Saturday morning date with my love...the BEST! 

Then some porch sitting while the kids played. 

And dressed up, clearly! 

Me, Roomie and Aunt JC (my sister).  Jennifer and I were asked to be surprise guests at our mom's best friend's 70th birthday party (and her college roommate).  It was so fun to see her and celebrate the incredible woman she is to so many.  

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