Monday, October 10, 2022

{Lazy Days & Leaping Lizards}

Isn't it a gift to wake up and wear your PJs all day?!?  

We've been taking it easy around here and doing lots of reading on the sofa.  This is our favorite spot and it's such a treasure to have a big kid to help read when Mom is having a harder day. 

The girls got new chicken boots!  She picked silver sparkles, of course. 

They found a baby lizard and you would have thought it was a new pet. 

This tiny thing named "Lizzy" stayed in their hands most of the day but thankfully was set free and somehow not kept as yet another pet around here.

Getting her laps in! 

And walks with my big girl.  

Maps and more books!  

Bubba came home for an afternoon and this girl was super happy! 

Silly goose! 

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