Sunday, October 30, 2022

{Lots of Horsin' Around}

A few fun iPhone photos from our birthday girl's big day!  This is before she has any idea what was about to happen! 

Meeting Oliver...

She hopped right on! No fear and all joy!

That smile says it all...

Taking care of Captain...

"Look, Ma! No hands!"  Oh my goodness!

AJ gets her turn

All the love for Captain...

Back home and this sweet boy had a birthday too.  Bo is 12! 

Bear made Bo his special recipe peanut butter cookies and Bo loved them.  

Another tooth out.  We had waited on this one for a while but it just wouldn't budge so the dentist had to help it out.  In and out in no time!

AG was given some My Little Pony toys for her birthday by Mr. Ernie and she loves them.  They've been at the school table every single day. 

On Saturday, just the girls ventured back to the stables for a special Halloween show.  

AJ's little friend from gymnastics came too.  It was a perfect slow Saturday morning while the boys played in the woods and did some hunting. 

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