Monday, August 01, 2022

{Whirlwind of a Week}

Starting our days off with our morning rhythm is key! We have enjoyed doing Bible, World Watch News, handwriting and a missionary story each morning...and even added in a new read aloud that the kids chose for fun!  This is the very thing that sets the tone for the day for both the kids and myself.  Luke finished his math work for the summer already so he's enjoying a little break from that before we start back {soon}!

The boys working together to get some yard work done before Scott and I scoot out of town for our anniversary trip.  We had an end of the week pool party planned so we tried to get as much done early in the week as we could.  

Bear started football!  He is playing for the homeschool team and so excited.  I snapped this just before he took off to his first practice. 

Our glorious little French Cottage!  Scott and I took a short and sweet trip to the mountains to refresh, reconnect and rest for our 20th wedding anniversary.  We found this darling little space on AirBnb and it was even more adorable in person!  

We got all dressed up after a little walk around the downtown area and went to dinner at a fancy restaurant that gave us three options just for the water!  

This is the little flagstone path leading to the cottage.  I kept thinking I was sure to find a rattlesnake but thankfully none were seen the entire trip! 

We slept in and had coffee/tea in downtown again and then headed deeper into the mountains.  I've always wanted to go to Pretty Place so we did it!  Our jaws literally dropped when we walked through the doors and all we could say was "Wow!".  Such a sacred place! 

We stood at the alter 20 years ago this day dedicating our lives first to the Lord and then each other...and being able to stand here 20 years later with Christ still as our center is nothing short of God's goodness in our lives.  This has not been easy and gracious knows we've had our share of many ups and mostly downs...but God.  He is the God of immeasurably more. 

After spending time at Pretty Place, we headed to Ceasar's Head for some more beautiful mountain views. 

We then headed back down out of the mountains around lunch time and stopped in Travelers Rest for lunch.  As we were eating, I texted my daddy a photo of Pretty Place not mentioning it's name but that we had just been there.  He responded knowing exactly where we had been naming it himself and sharing that he has very sweet memories of being there with my mom.  I cried in my salad.  I had no idea that my parents had gone there and loved it so much, too.  I always knew my mama was a beach gal like I am but there's just something about Pretty Place and now I know why she and I both love it there so much! What a special moment! 

Back home and back to my babies! 

We had so many beautiful butterflies around these days!  Always one waiting for us! 

Thursday, Luke headed to the middle school youth service weekend.  They served the homeless, passed out waters in downtown Columbia, helped at Lighthouse for Life with trafficked victims and threw a neighborhood block party where over 200 attended.  They also crammed in some fun!  One of those things was a pool party on Friday at our house.  So much fun! 

The girls were thrilled to have their buddies over also! What could be more fun than swimming with friends and having an ice cream bar by the pool. 

Saturday was the perfect chance for Bubba and I to get some school shopping done.  I've already gotten most of it but needed his help for things like toiletries.  As we were walking through Wal-Mart, I had a moment {I'm sure I'll have many more in the next weeks/months/years!}.  He was pushing a buggy through the baby aisle where I used to push him picking out sippy cups, diapers and pacifiers.  Gracious, time is a thief!!!  I can't believe that we are already here.  

Finally, Sunday morning...Scott, the girls and I snuck in the youth building to take photos and watch our boys play together {Bear on drums and Bubba on guitar} for the last time in this setting.  Wyatt has led the youth band for over a year now and maybe 2 years now that I think about it pretty much on his own.  They have such a fun group and have made some wonderful memories.  It has truly been a privilege to have gained this experience and all the knowledge and wisdom that comes with it.  

Checking eggs and dressing themselves.  What else can I say?!?!  Sundays are the BEST! 

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