Sunday, August 07, 2022

{Sweet & Sandy}

A sweet start to the week with Root Beer floats and whipped cream! We are not huge soft drink folks so the kids absolutely love Zevia drinks.  They have a creamy root beer flavored water that makes this a super yummy treat! And since the Instacart order included real whip cream that I did not order, we got extra fancy and added that on top! Clearly, it was a hit. 

Morning Time rhythms are life-giving for both them and myself.  We are reading the biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and learning so much.  Sometimes we read at the island after breakfast and sometimes we pile on the couch.  This morning, they were content working on handwriting and play-doh so the island it was.  We don't technically school year round but it's keeping rhythms like this that makes transitioning back into our school schedule so much easier.  It's truly just little changes. 

The girls were gifted some cute little cameras and have been snapping nonstop! 

After spending some time watching our local Little League girls softball team beat team after team making it all the way to the World Series final, our own girls decided to try their hand at it.  They had fun but I think they'd both still prefer gymnastics and art.  

AJ finally made contact!  Her daddy is very patient! 

AG hit it on the second pitch!  

Cuddles with Bubba! 

While AJ and Mom were being silly!

Our little fearless baby girl loves to have her daddy in the pool...that means she gets to have him throw her and lift her up and practice being a flyer on the cheerleading team.  Mom is just super thankful that it's only water she is landing in!  

The girls had the best time at ElizaAnne's birthday party!  She is the daughter of AG's speech therapist and my friend, Mrs. Sarah.  It was the perfect princess party! 

Well, Bubba may have been right about this one now that I look at it...not his best photo.  Oh well, he probably didn't think I'd actually post it but it's the only one I got on our trip there.  This was near the end when the movie was over and the little kids were very ready to see the beach and run free.  Hence the frustrated face!  

Now, that's better!  An absolutely lovely and sandy Sabbath just the 6 of us before college! We parked it right in front of the lighthouse on Sullivan's Island.  The weather was perfect...rain around us but none found us.  Truly the best day! 

We packed a lunch...

and boogie boarded...

and got our nap time in...

...and went for walks and threw football and dug sand castles and played in the surf and even watched someone have to call beach patrol for what we assume was a jellyfish sting.  After soaking up all the Vitamin Sea we could manage, we loaded up and headed home...but stopped first at Five Loaves in Summerville for a delicious dinner! 

We all agreed this was the best way to spend our last weekend together.  Gracious, I adore these people! 

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