Monday, August 15, 2022

{Crazy Critters & College}

Snapped this shot of a new game Scott has taught me!  I have heard of him enjoying backgammon years ago but have never played.  There was a bit of a learning curve to it but the two of us have enjoyed playing it after the kids have gone to bed a few times.  Not turning on the TV and instead tuning into each other is the goal! 

We had a week of fun!  So much to do and so many moments to fit in every spare inch of time.  Bubba played golf at least 3 days in a row towards the end of the week but we got him all to ourselves early on.  I'd heard about a drive through safari about an hour away so we loaded up on Tuesday and had the best time.  Eudora Farms was worth the trip!  

These were some of the guys in timeout.  ha!  We figured they may be a bit aggressive since we definitely saw that curiosity doesn't get them out of the general area.  These critters know what a vehicle means and if you have your window down, then there better be food for them.  They are quite determined! 

See what I mean?! They will stick their heads right in! 

Bear enjoyed grabbing/petting any antlers he could.  

We were warned at the gate that the zebras and ostrich's bite so we kept our windows up when those were around. 

Really???  I had to sit here a bit.  Wasn't about to take a chance with this one! 

and my friend here literally rammed into the front of my suburban when I tried to drive around him!  Unbelievable!  He was not happy that I didn't have him food.  

Cheese!!!  The camels were hysterical! 

They had a little petting zoo at the end also. 

The best story of the day was either AJ screaming her head off at a camel sticking its entire neck and long tongue halfway across the car for food and scaring her to death...OR AG trying to feed an Emu and it pecking rather fiercely at her bowl.  She then, in turn, took that bowl/bucket and smacked it on the beak saying "Bad bird! Bad!"  It was hysterical!!!  The poor bird didn't know what to do and was clearly stunned.  Apparently no one has stood their ground to him before!  AG has no fear and was not about to let a bird be rude! ha!  She is the Chicken Mama/Queen Bock Bock for a reason! 

Back home and reading the blog book...the years and years of these that I've printed are a favorite in our home.  The kids love to look through them.  

Morning Time and loving this book more and more each day!  It's been good from the beginning but now I think it's truly become a highlight for all of us. Wow, what a legacy! 

The boys got in a golf game just the two of them!  Bubba sent me selfies to keep me happy! 

They look so much alike to me here.  I guess I've seen it some but not nearly as much until recently.  

A little before dinner dancing! We sure do enjoy turning on the tunes and letting loose! 

Packing for college!  I'd done everything except Bubba's clothes, shoes and sports equipment.  We all managed to end up in his room just to spend more time with him. 

But this one snuck off and I found her like this on the floor in her room.  She has a sweet bond with her biggest brother and this change is so hard.  It's a lot for someone without trauma but with so much loss already in her little life, this hits harder than most.  I scooped her up and took her to him and they cuddled and loved on each other for a bit.  He knew she needed that.  

More cuddles and someone is using her power of sleep to check out of the hard moments that are happening all around us.  Sometimes it's just easier to go to sleep and not have to deal.  And that's ok.  We work through things together and taking a break is perfectly fine, too. 

For the night before, we had our weekly pizza and movie night...and then Scott and Wyatt played a little catch in the yard.  AJ is always my little shadow and did exactly what I was doing for a bit...sweeping out the garage. Sweet baby! 

They played all the way until the sunset.  Father and son goodness right here!

Saturday came and the day we'd had on the calendar for months was finally here.  My son is going to college.  My daddy came to keep the girls while I rode with Wyatt and Scott and Luke rode together with the rest of the things.  We laid hands and prayed over him that morning before he left and thought that most of the tears had been shed at that point but having him drive me to college was heavy and the tears began again...he noticed and reached over and held my hand most of the drive there.  I'm not sure I've ever truly been so fully bitter and so fully sweet at the same time.  Our hearts miss our boy but gracious are we overjoyed for him.  A true blessing from God to play the game he loves on the collegiate level.  The amount of scholarship money he was given astounds us.  Every bit of this has God's fingerprints all over it.    

Wyatt and Jennings {his roommate}. They have played together for nearly 7 years or maybe even more.  They both love Jesus, the outdoors and are going to be so good for each other. 

So, this was funny!  We got to the room first and started trying to figure out how to configure the furniture.  Once Wyatt told us how he would like it, he and Luke went to go get the risers to lift the bed while Scott and I moved things around and in place.  I noticed something on the floor under the AC unit and didn't think much of it...and then took a second look and calmly said to Scott "There's a snake under there."  He couldn't believe me so he put his light on it from his phone and got down on his knees to see.  Yep, sure enough.  A snake!  I joked that here we are trying to send our son to a Christian school and Satan himself was in the dorm room!  ha!  Anyways, I knew it was a juvenile black racer after getting a good look at it so Scott grabbed a bag and scooped him up and let him go in the woods behind the dorm.  The best part was me texted Wyatt that it was fine they were taking so long to get the risers because Dad and I were just moving furniture and getting a snake out.  He said "Are you for real??"  I think he thought I was joking- and I kinda wish I had been.  It made for a fun little story.  Poor snake was probably happy we found him and let him get out of there before all the boys took over.  I have the video of Scott getting it out and had to include our snake story in the college move in post because only something like that would happen to us!  

All done and getting some photos before the boys head to their student-athlete meeting!  They let them move in early and then haul nearly 400 student-athletes to the mountains in Brevard, NC for a 3 day retreat to build community and focus on Jesus before the rest of the student population moves in later the next week.  Such an awesome time! 

Brothers!  It was so fun for Bear to be a part of this day.  The parents had a meeting with all the athletics department for a bit so he hung out in the dorm room with the big boys and loved it! 

Back home and looking every bit of nearly 13!  Just a few days to go and I'll have two teenagers! 

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