Saturday, May 28, 2022

{Seabrook: Part Two}

 Our last night at Seabrook, before we loaded up and headed home we watched sunset!  God showed out with this one!  Definitely the best sunset of the week!  Another glorious, life giving week at Seabrook...

Can't help loving this man of mine!  He was so handsome standing there that I just had to get a picture to keep.  

Made sure to have the girls in their jammies so they would sleep the whole ride home and they pretty much did.  Sweet girls! 

Part of our fun crew...The Drafts are God given friends, kindred spirits and true family.  

And this is them making fun of my idea to jump up on the beach!  ha! 

It was high tide so there wasn't much beach left but still...isn't it just gorgeous?!?!

Maryn And AG getting their last game of tag in.  Gracious, are we thankful for these precious miracles! 

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