Friday, May 27, 2022

{Seabrook: Part One}

 In between daily walks to the end{s} of the island, long afternoon naps and fishing at sunset, I actually managed to grab my camera and photograph {and edit!} a few moments for posterity.  Some candid and some posed.  But all real and that was truly the focus of the week.  Intentional time together is never wasted.  What a gift! 

My girls resting after lunch

Bubba doing the same

Back to the beach

The baby is a mini-me through and through but she sure does love her Daddy too!

The weather stayed in the low 80s and was glorious.  We still managed to all get more sun than thought! 

Silly goose! 

In her happiest happy place

These faces say it all!

And this one is always putting on a show...making up a song and in her own little world

This sweet boy fished more than anyone! 

True teenager stuff right here

After a bit, our buddies joined us! We have a photo of the "littles" together for the past 7 years...4 years with AJ and Chapman.  They adore each other and play so well together. 

And these two...just weeks apart in age and the best friends.  The first time they met on this beach both were not even 6! Now both will be 13 by the end of the summer. 

To remember...because although he towers over his Daddy now, he is forever and ever our biggest cuddler! 

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