Tuesday, May 31, 2022

{Seabrook Snapshots}

We stayed until sunset on Friday night and goodness did Jesus show out!  It was absolutely gorgeous and by far the best sunset of the week.  

The girls were in their jammies and ready for the late ride home.

Getting another bike ride in!  

Bear making funny faces at us.  Typical! 

My bookends! 

Panda is the Jenga Queen!  She beat everyone! 

Lots of braids this week. What a treasure to have so many lazy mornings to just enjoy. 

Bear's baby shark! 

Bubba's Daddy shark! Thankfully, his daddy was there to wrestle it and get it unhooked! 

Fishing at sunset every single evening

My crew at North Beach

Can we please just stay here forever?!?!?

Watching dolphins all the live long day.  We walked to the end of the island multiple times at low ride and saw so many mommy and baby dolphins, a loggerhead sea turtle and...if we had been there at just the right time later this afternoon, we would have run into the cast of Outer Banks filming here.  Thankfully though we had the end of the island to ourselves! 

My little beach walkers! 

On Tuesday, the boys golfed and the girls beached.  It was glorious...3 hours of play for them and reading for me...with only one little interruption.  

This guy came right out of the ocean.  At first glance we thought he was a snake but nope...just a legless glass lizard!  Pretty cool! 

When you just can't hold it anymore.  Ha! 

Another morning, another long walk. Back to the end of the island we go! 

Something we'd never seen before...hermit crabs devouring the jelly fish.

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