Wednesday, April 20, 2022

{Resurrection Day}

Baskets and breakfast...worshipping together as a family...time spent together...and so much more!  Easter was the BEST! It was supposed to be 72 and raining but God gave us a glorious day of 80 degrees and sunny! 

The girls with their seemed to be the theme this year.  Flip flops and rain boots galore! 

This guy requested air soft ammo and sweet treats. 

And Bubba always uses Easter as an opportunity to request chocolate covered blueberries and pop tarts! This and Christmas may be the only time he eats them all year but he sure does look forward to it! 

Scott made the everyone blueberry muffins while I was getting ready.  It was so fun to be together instead of the boys leaving early for rehearsal and leading youth band.  We are so grateful for their servant hearts yet getting a Sunday morning together was the sweetest! 

Baby girl was my test subject to see how the shadows showed up in the photo and I just loved this little photo of her. 

It was also a great opportunity to take a few senior photos! 

After church, we went to Grandaddy and Mimi's for lunch and the most beloved Egg Hunt.

We missed my sister's family though- they've had the flu so we will have to have a repeat soon.

Bear had to give the girls a few minutes head start but he was ready to go!  He knows there's money in those eggs! 

Bubba hid the eggs and knew there was still one out there that had a higher dollar amount in it.  He finally did give a hint and it was found!  

They are a hoot!!! 

Brothers...Bear sure is savoring every moment he gets with his big brother right now.  A sweet reminder of what we should all be doing every single day! Time together is the best gift!!!

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