Sunday, April 10, 2022

{Beach Therapy}

When a sweet friend sends you a Sunday night text to join her at Seabrook for a few days, you rearrange your life and GO!  She had her "little" three so I took the same...loaded up and headed out by breakfast on Monday morning for a few days of friends and the very best therapy.  

We walked miles and miles and had all the beaches to ourselves.  The kids loved every second but I'm pretty sure the mamas loved it even more.  Ghost crab catching and dolphin watching and hermit crab collecting and on and on...the distractions are little and the living is large! 

Tuesday was a bit windy and chilly as a tornado warning covered just about our entire state {and schools shut down} but we were fortunate and were able to enjoy a full day at the beach with only the storm hitting us while we were eating at the local Mexican restaurant.  It had just about blown over before we even finished dinner! 

Gotta get these two in this position.  Only been taking it for the past 8 years! We will get it again when our families go to the beach together this summer but I had to! 

This is why we adore Seabrook.  Not a soul on the beach but us! 

Monday nights sunset did not disappoint!!! 

Something new this year though...alligator warnings on the beach?!?!?!  
We are used to them in the lagoons or by the golf course but on the thank you! 

The three didn't know what they were getting themselves into when they decided to walk with me.  ha!  We walked to the end of the island per my usual.  This was an exceptionally low tide so we were feet from the dolphins.  We even walked the back of the island a little ways...which I am pretty sure is closed off and not recommended.  But the view...

and that cross just reminded us even more of the Creator of this beauty! 

This is my happy place! 

We stumbled upon a school group participating in a barrier island camp and the leader/teacher of the camp was adopted from China 22 years ago! She immediately put our girls right into the fun and gave AJ a baby flounder to hold.  It was the size of a dime! So fun! 

Grateful for friends who get it and know how heavy this season can be...and for a life that allows us to just stop and slow down.  I kept repeating all week..."this is why".  What a gift! 

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