Wednesday, April 20, 2022

{Bear Takes the Mound...and hits a bomb!}


The girls writing their names in the dirt...some see a baseball field, they see a giant sandbox! 

Bear and the best coach, his daddy! 

Bear isn't the biggest fan of pitching and has made it a point to catch this season.  He likes being in the action but without all the catcher suits him well.  But, he got the nod that they needed him on the mound so he had some fun out there.  We ended up winning by 2 and he pitched the entire game.  

And they ran laps to get some wiggles out! 

He also had a few good hits but one that was quite impressive.  He probably should have stopped on 2nd base but decided to try to make it to 3rd and promptly slid in and gave two thumbs up to his daddy on his making it there safely.  That grin was adorable! 

We are in that season of every pair of pants having holes in the knees for this one!  Since we are on the brink of summer, I'm holding out buying anything else just yet! 

Such a fun night watching Bear follow in his Grandaddy, Daddy and Big Brother's footsteps!  After this game, he may just ask to be back on the mound sooner than he thought! 

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