Saturday, October 16, 2021

{HOCO '21}

Bubba went to HOCO and we just had to get a few true HOMEcoming photos before he left!  He went with a couple buddies to get delicious seafood downtown at Blue Marlin and then to the local homeschool homecoming dance downtown.  I am learning as we go along that we definitely need to get more involved in some of these sorts of things earlier on with the next kiddo.  They are so much fun and truly build a sense of community within the homeschoolers.  

SO in love with our handsome big boy!  What a treasure these senior year moments are! 

When Bubba makes his 6'2" daddy look short, we are growing a giant! 

Had to get one with my baby boy although we had been working outside all day.  ;) 

SO handsome! 

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