Monday, October 25, 2021

{Panda is 9}

 Our darling Panda wanted a "real Chinese tea party like in Mulan" so that's just what we had!  She even asked her Daddy to build her a low table so they could sit on the ground "like in my China"...and, after hunting that morning and then having to clean/process the deer himself since our processor was full, he still made her little table dreams come true by building her one out of some wood we had sitting around.  What a hero and servant-leader example he is to our family! 

Panda asked a few little friends to come over...girl cousins and a couple little princess friends...and they made paper lanterns and painted "stained glass" castles, butterflies and rainbows to hang in their windows at home.  Then, they sat at that special little table for a real Chinese feast...and tea party, of course! 

They had glass noodles, "sushi", muffins and "candy cane" tea {aka peppermint}!  Each little princess got to work on her chopstick skills, too! It was such a sweet little celebration of the sweetest darling angel girl!

Glass Noodles are our favorite!  Nothing but sweet potato starch and water and so yummy with a homemade ginger/coconut aminos dressing.

Pink Lemonade for those who would rather not have tea.  Options!

Panda was so excited! 


Best tip for future parties is to serve noodles with kept them busy for a while! 

"The Baby"came!  Mrs Sarah has been AG's speech therapist for over 7 years now and is definitely one of AG's favorite people in the world.  It was such a treat to spend time with her gorgeous little girl whom AG got to know very well when speech had to be done over Zoom last year.  

Legos truly are the way to her heart! 

Crafts and legos for days!  She is so loved! 

Her very own REAL tea set from Mrs. Sarah!  A treasure for sure! 

Darling girl, you are the sweetest treasure!  You are always kind, the first to share, thinking of others before yourself constantly and finding ways to help long before you have to be asked.  If you see a need, you meet it the best way you can. You love others with every fiber of your tiny being and love Jesus even more!  Only God does this work in you, my girl.  You are His handiwork...perfect in every way.  
Happy 9th birthday, Andie-Grace! 

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