Thursday, September 16, 2021

{Tiny Dancers}

They've waited their turns...spending countless hours at the ball park since we brought them home...and now their dreams are coming true!  We found the sweetest little dance studio that allowed me to put the girls in the same class where they can gently learn tap and ballet.  The class timing was perfect for when we are already out of the house for Bear's weekly drum we do dance and drums back to back and call it a day of extracurriculars.  

The girls were so excited for their first day of dance that I literally thought they would burst wide open at the seams the moment we pulled in!  What a gift it is to be able to do this with them.  I have many sweet memories of dance as a child and being able to watch them enjoy these same simple joys is just the best!  

And can you even imagine how adorable they will be in the recitals???  The girls have NO fear of stages and were made for this!  

Bear and I took turns sneaking in to catch a glimpse of them during class and, as expected, Panda was ahead of the gang and gave her teacher her full attention sure to not miss a step while Dub was completely viewing this as a social event and making friends at every turn.  She even had another little girl running out of class to tell her mom that she made a friend...of course, it was my baby girl.  She is everyone's buddy! Thankfully, Panda was there to keep both of their ballet and tap shoes organized and everyone in line.  Oh how fun it is to see this experience bring out their darling little personalities even more!  


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