Tuesday, September 14, 2021

{Sweet Snapshots Lately}

We had a fun family day on Labor Day at our town's annual parade!  We were so glad to get to enjoy it this year after it being canceled last.  Grandaddy came and all the Gray's!  It was so fun!

Bear has been fishing and hunting every chance he gets!  Our neighbor, Mr. Ernie, has taken him striper fishing several times and he's sat on our property some and shot some doves, too.  Of course, we eat it all! 

This girl is expressing herself more and more these days!  She loves to change clothes {often} and comes up with the funniest wardrobe.  You never know with her!  The world is her stage and she owns it! 

We rotate out toys every couple of months and we are back on our Lego kick!  The girls played like this for hours!!!

Still soaking up the sun and swimming! Typically, we get until mid September so we are savoring every bit until it's just too cold again. Lots of mornings doing school and afternoons in the pool! 

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