Monday, June 21, 2021

{Seabrook 2021: Monday}

What a lovely day at Seabrook!  We slept in and then headed to North Beach for the day...took long walks all the way to Kiawah, collected seashells and sand dollars, discovered sea snails and a new to us purple ocean vegetation, played in tide pools, build sand castles, picnicked on the beach and finally headed back to the condo just in time to grab a snack and take the girls to the pool which Bear biked with Maddox and played the game of pool with her.  It could not have been a more beautiful day.  

Since the weather is calling for spotty showers over the next few days, we went ahead and took our family photos tonight.  Thankfully, the Drafts are here this week too so Beth could be our resident photographer so we could all get in a few!  We watched the sunset {by far, my favorite annual tradition} and the boys fished and both caught little black tip sharks while the girls danced in the golden light.  

So grateful they all still oblige when Mom wants them to hold hands and walk up and down the beach. 

Bubba got behind the lens and took a few of me and my love.

Lots of little girls wanted to see the shark. ha! 

Just after Bubba released his shark, Bear caught one a few minutes later.  We thought it was the same shark but Bears was just a tad bit bigger.  

Typical for Dub...she's always making up a song and singing out loud...the world is her stage! 

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